Salesforce to Reltio

You can use hooks such as sfdcRequestModification and tenantDataModification to implement business logic from Salesforce to Reltio direction.

  • sfdcRequestModification Used to modify Salesforce data before converting it in the mapper.

    You can use the sfdcRequestModification hook to update the data in the Salesforce object before it is converted to Reltio entity format through the mapping. It takes the Salesforce object as input parameter and returns the converted object.

    sfdcRequestModification (/*SFDC Object*/ object) {
        this.logging(`Start process ${object.Id}`);
        if (object.type && object.type === 'Account' && object.sobject) {
            if (!object.sobject.FirstName || object.sobject.FirstName.length === 0) {
                object.sobject.FirstName = '< No First Name >';
        return object;
  • tenantDataModification Modify already converted Salesforce data to send it to the Reltio.

    tenantDataModification can be used to modify the data after the Salesforce object is converted to Reltio entity format.

    tenantDataModification (/*reltio object*/ object) {
        this.logging(`Start process ${object.crosswalks[0].value}`);
        if (object.type === 'configuration/entityTypes/HCP') {
            object.attributes['CallName'] = [{
                'value': object.attributes['FirstName'][0]['value'] + '_' + object.attributes['LastName'][0]['value']
        return object;