Prerequisites to Installing Salesforce Connector

You need to ensure that you have valid credentials, entitlements, user accounts, and other prerequisites before installing Salesforce Connector.

The following are the prerequisites to install Salesforce Connector:
  • Valid credentials for Reltio Connected Cloud tenant including tenant id, tenant environment, username, and password.
  • Salesforce Connector entitlement for the Reltio Connected Cloud tenant.
  • Confirm that Salesforce is added as a source in the Reltio Connected Cloud tenant metadata configuration.
  • Lightning version is switched on for your Salesforce organization.
  • User account with the following user roles:
    • ROLE_API (For SBC)
  • Salesforce Administrator Account with Security Token - This account is used by the managed package to perform operations in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce - Custom Domain is to be set, enabled, and deployed to all users. For more information, see My Domain.