Merging and Unmerging Records

Entity records can be merged in Reltio either automatically or through a user step.

The merge process in Reltio results in creation of new golden records which need to be synchronized with Salesforce. Two outcomes are possible when records are merged in the Reltio platform:
  1. If both the records have Salesforce crosswalks (corresponding to two distinct records in Salesforce), then the connector will do the following:
    • Call the Salesforce merge API which will merge the records in Salesforce. The record with the highest Salesforce ID will be the loser and will be moved to the Salesforce recycle bin.
    • Update any Salesforce attribute values that changed as a result of the merge.
    • End date the Salesforce crosswalk of the loser in Reltio, which will remove the corresponding attributes from the pool used to determine the OV.
  2. If only one of the records has a Salesforce crosswalk, then any attribute values that changed because of the merge will be updated in Salesforce.

The connector invokes the Salesforce merge service which supports out-of-the-box standard Salesforce objects. It does not support merges of custom objects, including child objects of standard objects. If this is required, it will require custom coding.

The connector does not propagate unmerged events in Reltio platform to Salesforce, so the corresponding records in Salesforce will not be unmerged. However, any attribute value that gets updated because of the unmerge event will be propagated to Salesforce, if the record with the corresponding crosswalk ID exists in Salesforce.