Life Sciences Data Model

Salesforce connector offers you capability to integrate the Reltio Life Sciences Customer 360 product with the Veeva CRM, the life sciences solution from Salesforce.

The Life Sciences Customer 360 product provides solutions to manage healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and their affiliations.

The Salesforce Account object is used to store information about healthcare organizations (HCOs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs). HCO and HCP are differentiated using the Account Type record type. These are mapped to the Reltio HCO and HCP entities.

Veeva supports HCO to HCP affiliations which are mapped to the Reltio "Affiliation" relationship. Data for HCO to HCO affiliations is "Subsidiary" relationship between HCO entities in Reltio.

Veeva supports multiple addresses for an HCO or HCP, and this address object is mapped to the Reltio Location entity. Veeva does not standardize, de-duplicate or merge addresses, so there can be multiple copies of the same address. Reltio platform will de-duplicate and merge Locations that satisfy the match rules, and will maintain the crosswalks back to the corresponding addresses in Veeva.

Veeva maintains a number of multivalued attributes in separate Salesforce custom objects, such as Identifiers, Specialties, Territories and so on. These are mapped to nested attributes in the Reltio HCO and HCP entities.