Mapping Field

Salesforce Connector field mapping is based on Reltio metadata configuration and Salesforce Object metadata.

The mapping is maintained in the form of a JSON file with a set of key value pairs. It is maintained as part of the connector profile configuration. For more information on Salesforce Object metadata, see metadata.

The following an example of the format of the mapping file:

        "description": "Simple format",
        "isActive": true,
        "sfdcSource": "configuration/sources/Salesforce",
        "reltioObjectType": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization",
        "type": "Account",
        "recordTypeId": "123400000HygtYYu"
The mapping file is an array of Salesforce objects (and Record Type Id) associated with Reltio Entity type. Each association is divided into two separate parts:
  • Salesforce to Reltio (to_reltio)
  • Reltio to Salesforce (to_salesforce)

Each association can be Active or Inactive which will be ignored by the connector and a Reltio Crosswalk (sfdcSource) for performing the operation.

Note: The mappings operate ONLY with OV (operational value) data.