Features of Salesforce Connector

Features of Salesforce Connector include bi-direction synchronization of data, search before create, configuration to map objects and fields between Salesforce and Reltio, and so on.

Features of Salesforce Connector includes:
  1. Bi-direction synchronization of account and contacts data - Salesforce connector enables you to seamlessly exchange account and contact data between Salesforce and Reltio Connected Cloud. The connector supports the following functionalities:
    • Synchronization of entity attributes including nested and reference attributes
    • Synchronization of entity relationships
    • Exchange of field look-up relationships
    • Usage of Salesforce merge capabilities when merging records in Reltio
    • Usage of multiple Salesforce Record Types with one Reltio entity type
  2. Search Before Create Search Before Create (SBC) - This feature allows you to search for the record before you create it. In this way you can avoid making duplicate entries in the system. Salesforce connector searches for existing entries in Salesforce, Reltio Customer Tenant and Reltio Data Tenant.
  3. Configuration to map objects and fields between Salesforce and Reltio - You can configure your Salesforce connector using an intuitive step-by-step UI interface. A rich set of Rest based APIs are also provided within the connector through which your administrator can set up and configure the mapping of objects, fields and build custom logic.
  4. Troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities - Rest based APIs are used to troubleshoot and monitor the data exchange between Salesforce and Reltio. Connector also provides logging capabilities that capture information about events and operations being performed in the connector and Salesforce.