Errors Related to the Managed Package

You can resolve Salesforce Connector issues by using the instructions given below.

Unable to Save Connector Profile

While verifying Salesforce credentials during configuration, the Unable to Save Connector Profile error appears as follows:


There can be multiple causes for this error. Perform the following steps to resolve this error:
  1. Navigate to the application logs as a first step.
  2. Select All Records and sort table by Created Date to find the last log message. The following exception may appear:
    Exception Type: rtsync2.ReltioSyncSettingsValidator.InvalidCredentialsException
    Exception Message: Unable to save Connector Profile.
    Exception stack trace: Class.rtsync2.ConfigSFCredentialsService.verify: line 33, column 1
    Class.rtsync2.ConfigSFCredentialsController.verifySalesforceCredentials: line 27, column 1
  3. Check your Reltio user roles. The user performing the configuration must have ROLE_ADMIN for your tenant or ROLE_SFDC_CONNECTOR_ADMIN.
  4. Check if the tenant exists in your environment.
  5. Check if your tenant is registered in Salesforce Connector. If not, use the following to register your tenant:
    PUT: {{SFDCconnectorUrl}}/registration/{{tenant}}

The Credentials Provided are Not Valid

Salesforce credentials are correct but not verified and the following error appears:


This error might occur if the Login URL is incorrect. If you are trying to install the package in the sandbox organization, set as the login URL.

Managed package installation on Sandbox Through AppExchange


A user performs the following steps but is not able to install the managed package on Sandbox:
  1. A user is logged into the Sandbox organization.
  2. The user then navigates to Salesforce AppExchange.
  3. Searches for Reltio Connected Customer Data for Salesforce app.

    The user is prompted to log in again.

  4. The user is not able to login and and a result not able to install the app in the Sandbox organization.


Perform the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Log out from the Sandbox organization.
  2. Navigate directly to Salesfore AppExchange.
  3. Search for Reltio Connected Customer Data for Salesforce app and click on Get it now.
  4. When prompted to log in, change the login window URL from to
  5. Log in by using your Sandbox credentials and continue with the installation process.