Salesforce Connector

Reltio provides a certified Salesforce Connector that supports bi-directional synchronization of Account and Contacts between Salesforce and Reltio Connected Customer 360.


Reltio Connected Customer Data for Salesforce can be installed on your Salesforce Organization from Salesforce Appexchange. The connector supports Salesforce objects from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Veeva CRM with Reltio Connected Customer 360.

Salesforce connector enables you to maintain accurate information about your contacts and accounts, that is always in sync with Reltio Connected Customer 360. With integration to Reltio Connected Customer 360, you can acquire data that is cleansed and consolidated from various sources into a golden record.

With the Search Before Create capability, you search and import matching records from Reltio Connected Customer 360 or a Reltio Connected Customer 360 data tenant (the third party data set that a customer is licensed to use and that are connected to Reltio), thus eliminating duplicate records in your Salesforce application.