Business Accounts

Business Account object data of Salesforce is transferred into the Organization entity of Reltio.

Contact object is mapped to the Contact entity of Reltio. Account is associated with Contact and this relationship in Salesforce is mapped with the Affiliation relationship between Organization and Contact entities.

Addresses in Salesforce Accounts and Contacts are implemented as fields on the respective objects. The address data is transferred into the Location entity of Reltio. The Location entity is associated with Organization and Contact using the Has Address relationship.

Salesforce does not standardize, de-duplicate or merge addresses, so there can be multiple copies of the same address. When the address is transferred to Reltio, de-duplicate and merge processes on Location attributes will be executed. Reltio platform will de-duplicate and merge Locations that satisfy the match rules, and will maintain the crosswalks back to the corresponding addresses in Salesforce.

For more information, see SalesForce SOAP API Developer Guide.

For additional information on Salesforce data model, see Organization Mapping and Contact Mapping.