Persisting New Attribute Values

Learn about the persisting new attribute values.

Use the following steps to persist new attribute values:
  1. Prepare data source with results of analytics job. It can be any Dataset or RDD with Scala tuples. Data from this data source will be persisted to tenant primary data storage. Dataset can be defined using Data Access API.
  2. Define mapping of Data source to Reltio model-according to the target tenant metadata.
  3. Make Data Persist API call with the mapping and the Dataset. Using provided Java API a user can run a distributed Spark job which will transform input data to Reltio-compatible format and store it in Reltio primary storage. In .analyticsOutput:
    1. Use AnalyticsAttributesOutputBuilder() to persist into Analytics attributes.
  4. Call .saveDataAndGetJobId() or .saveData() to persist data.
    1. Method .saveDataAndGetJobId() starts the data persist job and returns jobId. This is a recommended method.
    2. Method .saveData() just starts the data persist job.
  5. Search and UI: Data Persist API automatically triggers re-indexing job, after job completion all changes will be available in Reltio UI.