Data Delete API

The Data Delete API is used to delete the interactions from S3 and primary storage.

The Data Delete API requires the list of interaction IDs to be deleted and the usage is similar to that of the Data Access API. The following steps explain how this API is used:

  1. Create a Delete Builder: DeleteInteractionBuilder.
  2. Specify the dataset to delete data using .fromDataFrame(dF).
  3. Specify the columns to delete. For example: .idColumn("Id").
    Note: The id column must be the first column in the dataset.
  4. You can set withDeleteEvents to true to create the DataDeleteJob event.
    Note: The DataDeleteJob event sends interaction deletion requests to the MDM server to sync Elasticsearch data with the primary storage (C* or DynamoDB).
  5. Specify the type with builder.ofType(type).
  6. Call the .build.deleteAndGetJobId() or .delete() method to delete data from the dataset.
    Note: Some important points about the these methods:
    • The .deleteAndGetJobId() method starts the data deletion job and returns the job ID. This is the recommended method.
    • The .delete() method starts the data deletion job.