Getting Started with Power BI

Get started with Power BI and learn about loading the reports, navigating through the reports, and accessing the reports.

Getting Power BI for Desktop

You can get Power BI for desktop in the following ways:

  • For Windows - You can download it in one of the following ways:
    • Download it from the Windows Store. In the store, search for Power BI Desktop.
    • Download it from the How To Get Started page by creating a free account or by signing in with your existing account.
  • For Mac - Power BI is currently not available on macOS. As a workaround, you can run it on a virtual machine (VM).
  • For Linux - Power BI is currently not available on Linux. As a workaround, you can run it on a virtual machine (VM).

Loading Reports in Power BI


Before you start loading reports in Power BI, ensure that you have the following details:

  • You must have your own Power BI account.
  • You must be signed in with that account in the Power BI application on your machine.

Power BI is a tool designed after the typical standard for Windows applications. To load a report, navigate to File > Open Report from the top menu.

Then simply navigate to the directory of your report and open it.
Note: It might take some time to load the report initially.

Navigating through Reports

Navigation in the reports is very similar to the way you navigate in Excel sheets or Google spreadsheets. At the bottom of the tool, separate tabs appear for each page of the report.

From the drawer on the left, you could switch between the report and the model, which indicates the tables used to feed the report with data.

Accessing the Power BI Reports?

You can reach out to the Support Team with the request. After validating your subscription for Analytics, we will provide these reports to you.