Reltio Reporting

Reltio offers reports that provide usable insights.

Reltio delivers reports that provide useful insights so you can make smarter decisions.

These reports allow you to view, measure, and monitor your data managed in the Reltio Platform. By using these insights, you can maximize and organize your enterprise data effectively.

Note: These reports require a paid subscription.


Advantages of reports include the following:

  • Provide visibility on data trends and characteristics impacting data management objectives.
  • Real-time data delivery.
  • Help identify data anomalies.
  • Help you understand and optimize workload for data management and stewardship.
  • Are customizable: You have the ability to customize all the metrics within these reports.

Types of Reports

The following reports with insights are available:

  • Data Insights - Provides insights on the characteristics, patterns, and trends of data stored in the Reltio Platform.
  • Workflow Insights - Helps you to understand and improve engagement levels and identify areas that need resource allocation.
  • Match Insights - Provides a detailed summary of match-merge actions that have been performed in the tenant.
Note: Each time you navigate to the Reporting page, ensure that you choose the correct dataset from the Dataset drop-down menu to view the associated report.

Accessing Reports

You can access these reports from the following platforms:

  • Reltio Console Reporting application (accessible from the MDM UI Hub chocolate bar icon)
  • If you have a purchased subscription for Analytics, you can access these reports from the following platforms:
    • Google DataStudio (included in the Analytics subscription)
    • Any Business Intelligence (BI) tool
Note: These reports require an additional subscription and will have a progressive roll out for all paid subscribers starting from 2020.1.

Adding or Removing Users from Reltio Reporting

Currently, a support ticket is required to manage access to Reltio Reporting. You must provide appropriate user email IDs for all events. For example: On-boarding and off-boarding events.

Note: You need a valid Google account to access Reltio Reporting. Alternatively, you can use your own registered Google account by selecting the Use my current email address instead option.