Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.3 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the General Availability (GA) release of 2021.3. This release focuses on providing customers new and enhanced data integration capabilities, redesigned UI experiences with enhanced UI configurations, and security and compliance enhancements.

General Availability (GA) of Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.3 is on October 13th, 2021.

We are releasing a no-code/low-code integration capability targeting citizen developers that significantly simplifies integrations with Reltio and enables data orchestration workflows. This new capability is called Reltio Integration Hub, and it will be available to all customers.

Below are the highlights of key features that are available in the 2021.3 release.

Certain features are released under Reltio’s Early Access (EA) program. Customers who are interested in participating in an EA program can contact their Reltio Customer Success Manager to inquire about availability.

Click the following video to watch a recording of the release overview:

Integration & Real-Time Consumption

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables enterprises to onboard all the data, including transactions and interactions, to create a single source of truth and deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Reltio Integration Hub

A key requirement in building a reliable, single source of truth for the enterprise is the ability to bring data from all required data sources. Integration complexities and dependencies on specialized skills limit the scope of the master data hub solution, its use cases, and slow down the implementation process.

Reltio simplifies building data integrations and data pipelines by bringing its no-code/low-code platform. Whether you are a data analyst, data steward, integration specialist or a business user, you can create simple to advanced integrations regardless of technical experience.

The new platform component comes with everything you need to build complex Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) or Extract, Load, Transfer (ELT) data pipelines right out of the box. The intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface lets you create recipes for simple replication pipelines to complex data extraction and transformation tasks.

Reltio Integration Hub (RIH) comes with over 1,000 connectors to integrate with a variety of applications, databases, files, and data warehouses. A new Reltio connector is available on the platform for easy utilization of the various operations like data load, export, match, merge, create, and apply DCR, all with simple mouse clicks.Pre-built community recipes for common use cases can be used with just a few clicks and configured via an intuitive interface.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Reltio Integration Hub

Data Loader Improvements

Data Loader is a console application for bulk data import. It’s used to insert and update Reltio records for entities and relationships. With 2021.3, the data loader capabilities are enhanced to support additional use cases and to deliver improved productivity.
  • You can now map multiple columns/fields to the same attribute.
  • You have additional fields such as source and source table, as well as create and update dates in the crosswalk that can be brought in from the source files.
  • It provides additional data load options including partial override for reference fields, attribute update dates, and preserve hidden attributes.
  • Partial update has been made as a default update preference.
  • There is an additional option to select the type of file being loaded. For example, JSON, CSV, Excel.
    Note: This capability is not a part of the preview release, and will be available in GA
Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Map File Columns to Attributes

Enhanced Event Streaming

Event Streaming is a Reltio platform service that enables processes to process events from an internal queue into an external queue or topic as a message in JSON format. Event Stream can be configured to filter out events by type or other complex conditions. By default, outbound events contain only metadata but can be configured to also contain a data payload, thus eliminating the need to do an additional API call to get the data associated with a particular event.

We extended this service with a new type of data payload called Delta Payload, which provides data only about attributes that were modified with this particular event. Delta Payload events have an Activity Log-like JSON format.

We also extended the Tenant Management/Queue Management view in the Reltio Console UI by adding a new self service capability that allows configuring a data payload when creating a new, or modifying existing, external queue. New self-service UI allows users to select between the previously available Snapshot type of payload, where users now can configure the content of this payload, and a new Delta payload. These new capabilities allow easy handling of event streaming configuration and improved control over the event payload content.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Manage external queues

Entity 360

Different functional groups have different data requirements, and not all information is needed or even used by all of them. Reltio Connected Data Platform helps create contextual profiles that are specific to the business role, designed to help users meet their business objectives.

Graph Search (Early Access)

Data stewards and business users are often asked to conduct data analysis and remediation to maintain the quality of the consolidated profiles. The Reltio platform provides a rich set of search capabilities to allow users to search for the records that they want to manage. In the previous release we announced that the graph search feature in the search module further enhances the search experience for the users. This existing feature allows customers to use the relationship data (and data from related entities) in the search criteria. For example, if you search for individuals associated with one organization, you can further filter to individuals associated with one organization in a particular city. This capability helps improve business outcomes such as increasing revenue with targeted marketing.

In this new release, the graph search capability will continue to be part of the early access program. Below are the additional new improvements:
  1. Missing relation search: The feature allows users to search where a specific relationship is missing between two entities. For example: Users can find profiles where individuals are not associated with any organization or individuals who are not associated with any organizations in a particular city.
  2. Exporting graph search results: Once the graph search is completed and selected profiles are returned, users now have the option to export the data set to supported destinations using the export button on the search result screen.
Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: NA Link to Documentation: Getting Started

User Experience

The Reltio Connected Data Platform provides a new import/export tool for the UI modeler, a new source view in te Reltio UI, and a new activity log UI.

UI Modeler - Import/Export Tool

To build, test, and deploy changes faster using the Reltio UI, customers can now use our new import/export tool for UI configurations. Administrators and configurators can easily download the UI configuration files, make changes, and deploy them on their Reltio tenant themselves. There is no dependency on the Reltio support team or need to raise support tickets. This new tool accelerates the pace of deployment and allows customers to make faster changes as required by business.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Export and Import of UI Configuration Files

Sources - New User Interface

As part of our UI modernization initiative, we have created a new sources view that will allow data stewards to manage crosswalks from multiple sources. The enhanced user experience focuses on data steward productivity and enables them to manage profiles easily. The new UI also allows data stewards to personalize their views based on their preferences.

Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Sources Perspective (new view)

Activity Log - New User Interface

As part of our UI modernization initiative, we have created a new activity log perspective on profile UI that will allow data stewards to review changes on the profile easily. The enhanced user experience focuses on data steward productivity and enables them to review profile changes with advanced filters, easy scroll and color coded changes.

Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Activity Log Perspective (new view)

Compliance & Security

To enhance security and provide improved compliance to customers, the Reltio Connected Data Platform has enhanced the authentication of service accounts and extended the existing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance to include California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Enhanced Authentication of Service Accounts

Continuous enhancement of the platform’s security capabilities are a priority for Reltio, and to that end, it is possible for customers to create cryptographically signed payloads to authenticate client IDs. The new authentication type called ‘client_secret_jwt’ allows you to create a JSON Web Token (JWT) payload signed with a Message Authentication Code (MAC) in its signature part. Reltio Authorization service verifies the signature before issuing the Access Token. Further information pertaining to this functionality is available in the documentation portal.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Client Secret JWT Authentication

Right to Erasure/Right to Delete

We have improved the process of erasing personal identifiable information (PII) as a part of GDPR/CCPA compliance to enable user-configurable SLA. The default timeline for deletion of records by the platform is 10 days. Also, we have added an ability for the customers to ensure the records are fully deleted from the platform. For more information, see the doc portal.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Configuration of Timelines for GDPR or CCPA Data