Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.2 Release Notes

We are proud to announce the General Availability (GA) release of 2021.2. This release focuses on improving the data quality for a single source of truth using Machine Learning capabilities, and making it simpler for our customers to use connectors. We have also improved user productivity and efficiency for large-scale data management.

General Availability of Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.2 is on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021.

Below are the highlights of key features that are available in the 2021.2 release.

Certain features are released under Reltio’s Early Access (EA) program. Customers who are interested in participating in an EA program can contact their Reltio Customer Success Manager to inquire about availability.

Click the following video to watch a recording of the release overview:

Onboard All Data Including Transactions

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables enterprises to onboard all the data, including transactions and interactions, to create the single source of truth and deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

US Census Data in Reltio Address Verification

Data from the census inform a wide range of government, business, and nonprofit decision-making. Census statistics (CensusCode and CBSAMetropolitanStatisticalArea) describe areas, and is free demographic information for market research as it provides customer location for key assessment areas. This can help to boost revenue and reduce the marketing cost with target marketing to the people who live locally.

In the 2021.2 release, we are extending Reltio Address verification to provide US Census data as a part of the Address verification process. Address will be enriched with the following US Census fields:
  • CensusCode
  • CensusClassCode
  • CBSAMetropolitanStatisticalArea
  • NECTAMetropolitanStatisticalArea
Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: US Census Plus data

Cleanse Configuration Testing Tool

Cleanse configuration testing tool will be part of the Data Modeler application in the Reltio Console. This tool will enable quick testing of the Cleanse functions that are configured in the Data model without loading any data in the tenant. In this release (2021.2), we will only support Address Cleansers. Other cleansers like phone and email will be available in the upcoming releases. Viewing the output fields in the testing tool can help in fine-tuning the cleanse configuration based on the business requirements, thus improving operational efficiency.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Test cleanse data model functions

Machine Learning Powered Matching - Match IQ

Traditional matching process review often takes weeks, and in many cases months, because the business users and data stewards are required to go through thousands of sample match pairs to verify the accuracy and completeness of the matching process. Match IQ has simplified this process of review by empowering the business users to review the model with their own set of records and then use it for future matching. Users can now upload and run the sample set of records into Match IQ. Once the model is approved, users can then use the records on a full data set. Match IQ derives matching requirements based on active learning, so that over time users may not even have to go back in and retrain the model. Instead, users would be able to do this incrementally through the Data Steward Screen so that the model continues to learn even after it is published and in use. This helps to improve the operational efficiency and data quality.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Reviewing the Model

Matching Data in Multiple Languages

Customers can now leverage the power of Reltio’s matching engine and the wide range of comparison functions on multiple language data sets. The inbuilt transliteration module in the matching engine will automatically detect and match the data; there is no need to specify the language or create different rules for different languages. With a simple change to the match configuration, customers can extend the existing match rules or create new ones for matching on multiple languages and thus improve the operational efficiency and process optimization.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Matching on Data in Multiple Languages

Graph Search

Data Stewards and business users are often asked to conduct data analysis and remediation in order to maintain the quality of the consolidated profiles. The Reltio platform provides a rich set of search capabilities to allow users to search for the records they want to manage. We are excited to announce that the “Graph Search” feature in the search module will further enhance the search experience for the users. This feature allows customers to use the relationship data in the search criteria. For example, if you can search for individuals associated with an organization, you can further filter down to individuals associated with an organization in a particular city. This can help to improve business outcomes like improve revenue with target marketing.

Availability: EA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Graph Search (Early Access)

External Match

To further enhance the external match application and enable data stewards to run the external match process with ease, we have added new sets of controls in the application. Some of the key improvements to the external match application include:

  • Ability to use Match IQ for external filtering
  • Filters are available on a set of match methods using the attribute used in matching
  • Filter by match methods, rule type (automatic, suspect, relevance-based)
Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Creating a New Match Rule

Contextual Connected Data Platform Profiles

Different functional groups have different data requirements. Not all information is needed or even used by all of them. Reltio Connected Data Platform helps create contextual profiles that are specific to the business role meeting their business objectives.

Bulk Update

Data Stewards can now do bulk updates on search results and update the attributes. We have two enhancements to this feature. First, data stewards can now bulk update tags on profiles. They can add, remove, or replace tags on the profiles selected for bulk update. Second, data stewards can now bulk delete profiles. This will be very useful in cases where data load was done for profiles that are not needed or have issues. This improves data steward productivity.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Overview of Bulk Updates

D&B Connector Self-Service APIs

D&B Connector comes with pre-configured mappings for various operations like match, enrichment, and filter criteria for on-demand and batch operations. However, users need to modify and enhance these mappings according to their data model and business requirements. Earlier, they had to rely on Reltio Support and Engineering for changing and updating these mappings to tenants. Now, we provide self-service APIs to maintain the mappings for get match, get company details, upward family tree, batch filter and batch enrichment operations of the connector, thus improving data steward productivity and operational efficiency.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Mapping APIs

D&B Connector API Authentication Update

The D&B Connector APIs now use the Reltio Auth tokens for authentication. Earlier you had to pass the Reltio user credential as part of the API header. The security is enhanced with the use of Reltio Auth tokens and you don’t need to pass the credentials. The APIs are backward-compatible. However, we recommend that you change them to use the Reltio Auth token.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: D&B Connector APIs

D&B Connector Recertification Match

In the batch process, whenever entities already assigned with a DUNS number are passed for enrichment, the process is called recertification. For such a recertification process, the batch API now uses the Append only API rather than a Match+Append API. So no match is performed for recertification scenarios. This avoids having false positives when the match using additional parameters is performed along with the DUNS number. Additionally, the vendor verification status will also be updated with the right status of the DUNS, whether the DUNS is transferred or deleted.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation:

MuleSoft Connector - Simplified Attributes Mappings

The MuleSoft Connector allows you to operate on Reltio entities, relations, interactions, and data change requests. Using Anypoint Studio, you can build a flow that integrates APIs from a number of applications. With 2021.2, we have simplified how you create mappings from your source system to Reltio using Anypoint Studio. The connector now enables you to extract the metadata from your Reltio tenant to which you have already established the connection. Once you extract the metadata, the entity types and attributes within the entity types are available for selection in the connector for the Create Entities flow. You can select the entity type and use the drag-drop capability of Anypoint Studio to create the mappings from your source.

This will make it a lot easier for your configurators and system integrator to create the mappings rather than using a script to build the metadata and then perform the mappings.The new connector will be available on the Anypoint Exchange with version 2.1.0 and you should upgrade the connector once it’s available.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation:

Salesforce Connector - Data Load Tasks

With Salesforce connector, you can keep data between your Salesforce Org and Reltio tenant in sync. With 2021.2, we provide Task APIs to perform data sync between Reltio and Salesforce and make it more convenient for you to load data. You can execute the Task APIs in Reltio to perform an initial data load or occasion data load in a batch. With these APIs, it would save a significant amount of time during implementations and avoid errors that might occur with the workarounds being used.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation:

Create Actionable Insights

The Reltio Connected Data Platform provides the data foundation for trusted insights. Users can leverage analytical insights to improve data quality, streamline processes, enrich profiles, and enhance customer experiences.

Reltio Snowflake Connector

Reltio Snowflake Connector seamlessly connects the customer data (entities, relationships, matches, merges and interactions) residing in the Reltio platform to your Snowflake data warehouse to provide trusted data for analytics insights. The rich Reltio data model is automatically converted to flat relational views which allows users to use standard analytic tools of their choice to extract insights from the data. For users who need more flexibility, we also have the data in JSON format which allows them to build their own custom views. The connector is easy to set up and operate using self-service APIs, thus allowing you to stay focused on delivering business value to the organization and customers through analytical reporting and analysis.

Availability: EA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake

Govern Data and Simplify Compliance

Reltio Connected Data Platform simplifies compliance by making it easier to adhere to ever-evolving customer consent and privacy regulations and also enables governance and accountability with tools such as workflow, activity log, history, and security to address many compliance, transparency, and reporting requirements.

To improve the productivity of users who utilize Inbox to govern data, new capabilities have been added including:

  • New dynamic filter duo ‘Task Variable key’ and ‘Task variable value’ to provide the flexibility to map any workflow-related attribute as a task variable and use it to filter workflows in Inbox.
  • New ‘Step’ filter to provide a granular view of the workflows with multiple steps.
  • Enhanced Bulk action to support Bulk approval/rejection of custom workflows.
  • At-a-glance view of the number of open tasks in Inbox which enhances the user experience.
  • New ‘Step Action Taken’ filter in the All folder, which enables the filtering of closed workflows with the action taken on each workflow step.
Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Filter tasks

Fixes included with 2021.2 GA


Two profiles did not match even after meeting the criteria of the defined match rule. Now, this issue is fixed, and the verifyMatch endpoint is enhanced to use the correct match rule conversion.


  • In the new search, the Potential matches and Match rule facets were not displayed. Now, this issue is fixed, and Potential matches and match rule facets can be searched for and viewed.
  • In the Search page, clicking the Attributes Search button without selecting an entity type, displayed a blank page. Now, this issue is resolved. Clicking the Attributes Search button without selecting an entity type displayed all profiles.
  • In the Workflow approval - Assignee drop-down list, scrolling to change the assignee moves the list to the left side of the screen. Now, this issue is resolved, and the list remains static.
  • Creating Data Change Requests (DCR) for Potential Match, displayed an error due to existing DCRs for other entities in the tenant. Now, this issue is resolved, and a DCR can be created for an entity with existing DCRs for other entities in the tenant.

Match and Merge

External Match splits all available match rules into two groups and processes them independently. One group has the match rules with relevance_based type. The other group consists of match rules with the types suspect, automatic and so on. If the relevance_based match rules do not produce common match tokens for the input entities and existing entities then no matches for these rules were found in the External Match job. The behavior was rectified to process all the match rules, without splitting them into two groups. This enables all the match rules to share the match tokens. As a result, the External Match finds and exports all expected matches.

Reference Data Management

  • Earlier, disabled lookups were displayed in the Master Data Management (MDM) UI and transcoding attribute values with end-dated crosswalks. Now, in tenant physical configuration, this behavior is controlled by the includeDisabledLookups and transcodeByEndDatedCrosswalks flags.
  • Earlier, retrieve lookups were not able to filter disabled lookups using direct API calls to RDM . Now, the Master Data Management (MDM) tenant physical configuration provides an option to hide the disabled lookups. Contact Reltio Support if you want to use this option.
  • Transcoding of attribute values needs only crosswalks that are not end-dated. Only when the transcodeByEndDatedCrosswalks parameter is set to true, the end-dated crosswalks are used for transcoding attribute values.

Reltio Platform

To avoid merge inconsistencies, for consistent objects - restoring of activities for match-merge events is implemented.

Tenant Management

For Tenant Management UI, the support for all the CRUD event types has been extended.


Earlier, there were issues in generating reports as a large JSON file when the match result generated for a record in a CSV file was comparatively larger. Now, this issue has been resolved. The scripts are updated to parse the match result JSON and convert it efficiently to a flat file.