Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.1 Release Notes

Reltio Connected Data Platform gives companies a deeper, dynamic understanding of the data that matters the most to their business for real-time operational execution and analytical insights. It empowers organizations to be more responsive and users more productive. Reltio unifies, refines, reconciles, and relates data from hundreds of sources, and delivers it to accelerate real-time operations so that data innovators can impact customer experience at the point of engagement.

We are proud to announce the General Availability release of 2021.1. This release focuses on optimizing creation and management of a single source of truth repository of the foundational data entities with machine learning and analytical capabilities.

General Availability (GA) of Reltio Connected Data Platform 2021.1 is on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021.

Below are the highlights of key features that are available in the 2021.1 release.

Certain features are released under Reltio’s Early Access (EA) program. Customers who are interested in participating in an EA program can contact their Reltio Customer Success Manager to inquire about availability.

Click the following video to watch a recording of the release overview:

Onboard All Data Including Transactions

Reltio Connected Data Platform enables enterprises to onboard all the data, including transactions and interactions, to create the single source of truth and deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Any data that is onboarded needs to be accurate and trusted and identifying data anomalies is the first step. Data Validation Function, now available to all customers, provides the ability to configure data quality rules that evaluate the data in real-time and displays warnings on the Profile View. The warnings can be searched and exported for individual or bulk remediation. Data Validation Functions Editor in the Reltio Console helps in managing validation functions for the tenant and also provides an intuitive function builder to transform business requirements into data validation functions.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Data validation function

Once data has been cleaned and standardized, the platform uses sophisticated matching capabilities for entity resolution. Reltio’s Match IQ capability uses machine learning and empowers data stewards to create match models for entity resolution. This capability is now generally available (GA) and has been enhanced so that the trained models can be leveraged on any tenant allowing the data steward to progressively improve match models throughout the implementation cycle. Match IQ also creates a precision value for the match pairs in the external match output allowing the data stewards to identify high-quality matches. This precision value can also be used to trigger any supported match action such as automatically merging, creating a suspect match pair. Several usability improvements such as display of the model status, notification of a model status change, and a simplified publishing process are also available.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Match IQ

Data stewards are often asked to conduct data analysis and enrich a file from the trusted data. External Match is now generally available (GA) and added in the console, data stewards can now match the records from the external file such as CSV with the Reltio tenant data. They can simply upload the external file to match the record with the Reltio tenant and get the downloadable results in the CSV format. External matching can be done using any of your existing match rules or Match IQ model. It also let the user extract the enriched data from the Reltio tenant for external use.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: External Match

Previously, as part of the potential match review process, data stewards could mark a suggested match pair as Not a match, this pair was then excluded from future matching. However, when the underlying data was changed and there was a need to re-match the records then data stewards could manually Reinstate the pair for matching. To automate this process, we have now introduced a configurable feature that allows customers to automatically reinstate matching for not a match pairs in case of data changes.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Reset the as-Match Not-a-Match Flag

To further enhance the potential match process and enable data stewards to review the potential matches quickly and efficiently, we have redesigned the potential match review screen. Some of the key improvements to the potential match screens include:

  • Table style list of potential matches on the review screen
  • Show/Hide attributes for comparison
  • Perform all supported match actions on multiple records with a single click
  • Rearrange records for comparison with drag and drop
  • Find and manually mark records as potential matches
  • Switch to classic side-by-side view as needed
Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Potential Matches perspective (new view)

The D&B connector enriches the company profile using industry data with robust integration capabilities to keep company information up-to-date. The D&B Connector now provides the monitoring capability that enables you to receive notifications when changes occur to content contained in specific data products and DUNS Numbers. Once you have created a registration which includes the list of DUNS to be monitored, you will receive the notifications and updates on regular intervals. Users have flexibility to add and remove DUNS to be monitored.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Monitor D&B connector

With enhanced Reltio Authentication service, every time a new token request is being processed by the Get Token API, a new access token will be generated with validity set at the time of issuance. This enhancement is only applicable to the client credentials grant type flow (that is, Authentications via API) and is subject to quota restrictions such as the limit of the total number of active access tokens. Please see the documentation for Quotas and Limits for further information.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Multi Token Support

Reltio continues to enhance the self-service capabilities to provide more control and self-sufficiency to shorten the time-to-value for integration. Managing external queues and streaming is now enhanced so you can add, remove and edit external queues connection information not just for Amazon SQS/SNS but also for Google Pub/Sub and Microsoft Azure service bus.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Manage external queues

Govern Data and Simplify Compliance

Reltio Connected Data Platform simplifies compliance by making it easier to adhere to ever-evolving customer consent and privacy regulations and also enables governance and accountability with tools such as workflow, activity log, history, and security to address many compliance, transparency, and reporting requirements.

To improve the productivity of users who utilize Inbox to govern data, new capabilities have been added including:

  • New filters such as Priority and Date of Creation.
  • New Bulk actions to multi-select a group of tasks from Inbox and approve or reject them in one action.
  • Performance improvements to Inbox for faster task loading.
Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Workflow Tasks

Reference data plays a key role in data standardization, governance, and consuming those changes in downstream systems supporting the single source of truth. RDM can now publish any changes to Lookup values (create, update, delete) as messages in Google Pub/Sub topics that can be streamed to source systems.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Streaming RDM Events

Create Actionable Insights

The Reltio Connected Data Platform provides the data foundation for trusted insights. Users can leverage analytical insights to improve data quality, streamline processes, enrich profiles, and to enhance customer experiences.

Reltio Snowflake Connector delivers connected customer data (entities, relationships and interactions) residing in the Reltio platform seamlessly into your Snowflake data warehouse to create analytics insights. The rich Reltio data model is automatically converted to flat relational views, allowing you to use standard analytic tools of your choice to extract insights from the data. For users who need more flexibility, we also have the data in JSON format allowing them to build their own custom views. The connector is easy to set up and operate using self service APIs, thus allowing you to stay focused on delivering business value to organization and customers through analytical reporting and analysis.

Availability:EA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake

Contextual Connected Data Platform Profiles

Different functional groups have different data requirements, not all information is needed or even used by all of them. Reltio Connected Data Platform helps create contextual profiles that are specific to the business role meeting their business objectives.

A key feature in managing contextual profiles is the ability to update data in bulk. The New Search UI now supports Bulk Update, allowing data stewards to be more productive in remediating profiles. The Bulk Update experience has been further enhanced to make it easier to search for the attributes and view the changes that will be made. In addition, the capability to support making changes to reference attributes is now available.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration:No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Overview of Bulk Updates

We continue to enhance the Salesforce Connector managed package to make it more secure and stable to use. The security has been enhanced by the use of client certificate based authentication, so you don't have to use service user credentials while integrating Salesforce with Reltio. Furthermore, the search performance has improved with the use of Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) based APIs.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration:No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Configuring Salesforce Connector to Use Certificate-based Authentication

Reltio Product Announcements

Reltio Identity 360

Your customer, consumer, guest, member, or employee data resides in multiple systems, and often these systems have different versions of information. Inconsistent names, addresses, emails, and preferences result in a disjointed experience and engagement. Unreliable data causes poor experience, broken transactions, rework, and revenue leakages and can expose organizations to regulatory compliance risks. Therefore, it is critical to have a single identity.

Reltio Identity 360 helps to master Person profiles by creating the single source of truth for an individual’s data by aggregating, refining, reconciling, and relating data from hundreds of sources. The data from multiple sources is matched, cleaned of duplicates, and merged as fit to create a universal identifier for each profile. These profiles can then be used for operational and analytical tasks.

Built on the flexible, responsive, and scalable cloud-native Reltio Connected Data Platform, Reltio Identity 360 allows you to model the data you want to collect and manage, onboard data from multiple sources, and consume the data in real-time.

Use cases for Reltio Identity 360
Reltio Identity 360 is a real-time cloud service that delivers accurate and compliant entity resolution, progressive stitching, tailored customer experiences and engagements, privacy management, fraud prevention, and detection. With Reltio Identity 360, you can:
  • Optimize Customer Experiences - Gain deeper insights into individual’s needs to deliver hyper-personalized offerings, improve loyalty, and increase sales and service effectiveness
  • Optimize Operational Processes - Eliminate rework and enable connected omnichannel experiences with consistent and clean data with a single Universal ID
  • Reduce Fraud and Risk - Provide organized and mastered person data to reduce risk and fraud
  • Manage Privacy and Consent - Maintain privacy and consent preferences. In addition, you can update systems to reflect requests for consent changes and withdrawals

Reltio Identity 360 can empower you to:

  • Resolve Identities - You can cleanse, match, merge and unmerge data of any type of person entity, including consumers, contacts, or employees. You can establish a single source of truth by blending and relating trusted data from a range of data sources.
  • Create Universal ID (UID) - Auto-generated or configurable UID ensures data quality and consistent operations across organizations.
  • Maintain Data Quality - Maintain ongoing data quality and stewardship with user-friendly tools.
  • Make Survivorship Dynamic - You can create dynamic and contextual profiles relevant for different functional groups like marketing, sales, service, and support.
  • Stitch Progressively - You can enrich the profiles by including third-party data, interactions and transactions, and new data sources.
  • Enable Governance - You can use the support for configurable workflows, reference data, task management, granular audit trails, and support for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
Availability and Subscription Information

Reltio Identity 360 is available in Free and Premium editions and can be upgraded to the Enterprise 360 product.

Reltio Site Intelligence

Mitigating Risks and Reducing Cost in Clinical Studies

Optimized Site Selection powerfully impels Clinical Study success by ensuring timely completion within a stipulated cost. Selecting high performing Sites and Investigators that are also relevant to the Clinical Study can increase the speed of the Study, lead to a reduction in operating cost, help in meeting Study-related deadlines, and increase the likelihood of Study success. Our Site Intelligence solution acts as a one-stop platform where users can view consolidated information about various Clinical Studies, Study Sites, Research Sites/Facilities, and Investigators, to identify the best Sites for any upcoming Clinical Study.

Reltio is proud to announce the release of Clinical Trials Site Intelligence 2021.1. This release is focused on providing functionality that identifies the most suitable Sites and Investigators for a Clinical Study based on their relevance, qualifications, and historical performance metrics.

Key Features for Site Intelligence

The platform provides users with cleansed, standardized, de-duplicated as well as enriched Clinical Studies, Study Sites, Research Sites/Facilities (HCOs), and Investigators (HCPs).

The key components of this solution are:

Data Model

The solution provides a predefined data model for Site Intelligence, Selection and Activation. The model is extensible for enterprise specific needs.

Data Ingestion Adapters

The solution provides adapters for loading structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data from client and external systems.

Performance Metrics, Scoring and Ranking Algorithms

The solution enriches Investigator and Site records with performance metrics from past Clinical Studies. Sites and Investigators are scored and ranked based on performance. Weights for scoring and ranking are configurable as per business needs.

Data Governance and Stewardship

The solution includes predefined algorithms to identify any data quality issues, and workflows for fixing, reviewing, and approving them. The platform ensures full auditability of any changes done. It provides users with a dashboard and at-a-glance summaries that help them manage the Site selection process for multiple Studies or geographies.

Search and Share

The solution’s powerful search functions assist in identifying optimal Sites and Investigators based on complex selection criteria. It allows users to search on geographies/locations, any therapeutic areas or conditions of interest, specializations, experience, or any of the calculated performance metrics. It then provides filtered and ranked results that meet the defined search criteria. The ranks generated for Sites and Investigators can be shared with colleagues for further review. The solution allows authorized business users to provide annotated comments, parameter weights, and various inputs along with the ability to manually finalize the list of included Sites and Investigators as part of the review and approval workflow.

Data Services Framework

The solution provides an API framework for end-to-end integration, thereby avoiding the effort of manual data entry in multiple systems and eliminating any resulting inconsistencies. The APIs allow for seamless and timely provisioning of Site and Investigator information to downstream systems.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration:Yes Additional Subscription: No

Deprecation Updates

Reltio continually monitors the usage of its features and provides new and improved capabilities, and deprecates and discontinues features to optimize performance and experience.

You can find the deprecation notices here - Deprecation notices.

Classic Search Experience (UI)

With the release of the new search experience that now includes the Bulk edit, we are on track to deprecate our classic search experience in June, 2021. For more information, see Classic Search Experience (UI).

Older version of Hierarchy Facet

The older version of the hierarchy facet will also be deprecated at the same time. For more information, see Older version of Hierarchy Facet.

The following deprecation notices were published since the last release.

Skip Post Processing Parameter

Reltio plans to deprecate the API query parameter - skippostprocessing available in Export V1 and V2 APIs. For more information, see Skip Post Processing Parameter.

Search Dbscan API

Reltio is deprecating the following APIs that allow customers to iterate over entities by EntityType and relations by RelationType:
  • POST {TenantURL}/entities/_dbscan
  • POST {TenantURL}/relations/_dbscan
For more information, see Search Dbscan API.

Fixes included with 2021.1 GA

Activity Log

Few events in the activity log were not handled correctly. We have made appropriate configuration changes to remedy this issue and prevent future failures.


The source icon was not getting updated in the Reltio UI tenant while using the data modeler console due to some stream changes in Node.js 14. This issue is now resolved by upgrading the multiparty node module to 4.2.2.


In rare cases, when business configuration has relationships with similar names such as relationship-new, relationship-old, Cassandra requests to get one hop connections could fail. The Cassandra request parameters were fixed to resolve this issue.


  • The user was able to save a record even without entering the mandatory fields. This is now fixed and the user has to enter all the mandatory fields to save a record.

  • The Dashboard facet was displaying incorrect data for HCO Identifier Types at Location Level. This is now fixed to point to the correct data.

  • While using the search filter to search for a specific entity type, other entity types were also displayed. The search filter is now fixed to display only those records for the specified entity type.


The DCR workflow was not removed after the removal was approved using APIs. This is because the Platform API request which is used in background validation job was hanging. We have resolved this issue by adding a timeout for the background validation jobs.