Reltio Connected Customer 360: 2020.2 Release Notes

Operationalizing Data and Information with Contextual Data Management

Reltio Connected Customer 360 gives companies a deeper, dynamic understanding of the people, places, and things that matter most to their business for real-time operational execution and analytical insights. Reltio Connected Customer 360 makes organizations more responsive and users more productive. Reltio aggregates, refines, reconciles and relates data from hundreds of sources, and delivers it to accelerate real-time operations so that data innovators can impact customer experience at the point of engagement.

Release Information

Reltio is proud to announce the General availability of Reltio Connected Customer 360 release 2020.2 on Sunday, June 14, 2020. This release is focused on operationalizing data and information with contextual data management powered by machine learning and analytical capabilities.

There are specific features listed that are available in the 2020.2 release under Reltio’s Early Access (EA) program. Customers who are interested in participating in an EA program should contact their Reltio Customer Success Manager to enquire about availability.

Click the following video to watch a recording of the release overview:

Creating a Single View of the Customer

Creating a trusted view of the customer requires consolidating, standardizing, and organizing customer data. Machine learning based match and data quality functions can make this process more efficient.

In this release, we have further optimized the Rebuild Match Table Process to improve the performance and stability of the job to recalculate the match pairs. The improved process now runs the underlying granular jobs in distributed mode to provide faster execution of the overall job. In addition, we have added an ability to run the rebuild match table job for more than one type of entity. This will eliminate the need to submit multiple jobs when you want to recalculate matches for multiple entity types.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Rebuild Match Table Task

Data stewards can now leverage Machine Learning (ML) powered Match IQ Recommendations to resolve pending potential matches with confidence. Data stewards spend significant time to decide if a suspected match pair is a candidate for merge or to be resolved as "not a match". Match IQ recommendation can help in reducing this time as the ML models can now be trained from the decisions taken by the data stewards. As data stewards resolve suspected matched pairs, the ML model is updated and applied to the pending potential matches.

Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Potential Matches Perspective

Unlocking the Value of Relationships

Resolving a suspect matched profile for a merge is standard functionality required for organizing data from multiple sources. Recommending Relationships from those matched profiles actions advances the connections within the data and uncovers additional relationships providing better insights to sales and marketing users. Relationships can be created by taking action on recommendations for the matched profiles.

Availability: EA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Potential Matches Perspective

With the introduction of a new set of controls in Hierarchy Management, data stewards can easily move an existing node within the hierarchy with a simple drag and drop. The ability to visualize the modified hierarchy before committing the changes is crucial as it can help prevent costly mistakes from cascading to downstream systems that are consuming data in real-time. Data stewards can be more efficient and can save the changes after reviewing the modified hierarchy or suggest changes if review and approval is required.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Hierarchy Management Facet

Onboard All Data, Including Transactions

Creating a hyper-personalized engagement requires that customer data be augmented with interactions and transactions to create a true 360 degree profile. Reltio supports various capabilities for data orchestration to easily bring data into Reltio and provision it to downstream operational and analytics applications.

Reltio allows business users to gain access to rich contact and account information in Salesforce. Reltio provides organized and standardized information through the pre-built Salesforce Connector that now Synchronizes Relationship Data bi-directionally. Having the accurate and current customer information in Salesforce and all other applications is critical to deliver a personalized and connected customer experience across all touchpoints.

In our previous release, Salesforce connector supported synchronizing parent - child relations maintained at a field level in Salesforce from Salesforce to Reltio. In this release, we have added support for Reltio to Salesforce for field-level relations.

The connector now also supports Bi-directional Synchronization of Many-to-Many Relationships between objects.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Relation Synchronization from Reltio Platform to Salesforce

Data enrichment includes enhancing account and organization data with unique identifiers which classify and track information to enable processes such as territory management, bill to and ship to structures, and analytical reporting. To provide this ability with a complete hierarchical defined structure, we are enhancing the Dun & Bradstreet Connector to complete the organization hierarchy to its "global ultimate" account. Until the 2020.1 version, realtime enrichment fetched parent organization, HQ organization, Domestic ultimate organization and Global ultimate organization. With the enhanced capability, you now have the option of requesting all parent organizations (all organizations from the current organization to its global ultimate) for the current organization.

D&B Upward Account Hierarchy feature is available in Real time mode and you will need a separate license from D&B for consuming the upward tree D&B API.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: On Demand APIs

Data stewards need the ability to react quickly to changing requests and operations when loading and managing data. The Data Loader application now provides the ability to cancel in-progress data load jobs. You can cancel a job by using the Stop job option.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Stopping a Data Load Job

Using queues to consume and integrate data is a key function of Reltio Connected Customer 360 that enhances the value of the platform by enabling easy sharing of reliable information for various operations and decisions. Reltio now provides the ability to Manage (add, remove and edit) External Queues in the Tenant Management application in Console. You can also enable or disable streaming of Reltio events to these external queues as necessary, for example, during a dataload. This promotes self-sufficiency of the administration of the systems and shortens the time-to-value.

Availability: Post-GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Actionable Customer Insights

Data stewards require tools that provide visibility into data exceptions and boost productivity. Reltio Reporting, an add-on capability, enables users to identify data exceptions and trends in the contributing sources, provide feedback for resolution to reduce exception occurrence, and increase data quality within the source and within the consolidated profiles.

Reltio Reporting offers an out-of-the-box set of reports that provide actionable insights into the operational dynamics of your tenant data, workflow resources, and activities. Reltio Reporting delivers useful insights not only on characteristics, patterns, and trends of data stored in the platform, but also on operational data points such as match-merge, workflow. These reports allow you to monitor the data managed in the Reltio Platform. Using these useful insights, you can organize your enterprise data effectively.

The following reports are available:
  • Data Insights - Entities
  • Data Insights - Relations
  • Data Insights - Match and Merge
  • Workflow Insights

Customers can access Reporting via the chocolate bar icon on the top right of your tenant.

Availability: Post GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes Link to Documentation: Reltio Reporting

Simplify Compliance

Reltio Connected Customer 360 simplifies the process of complying and quickly responding to evolving regulations and changing policies. The Reltio platform features workflow capabilities that make it easy to manage and define processes for data governance, including handling consent changes, deletions, updates, corrections and more. The platform enables users to collaborate effectively, and to rate, rank and initiate change requests. To increase productivity and efficiency, we have made the following usability changes to Inbox:

  • Ability to search by entity and/or Data Change Request (DCR) ID
  • Added support for rejection of sub attributes of newly created nested attribute.
  • Visual indication to highlight when a DCR task is in progress or completed
  • Enhanced the Potential Match Review email notification for Workflow. Upon submission for approval, the notification now indicates the result of the action
Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: About Data Change Request

Contextual Connected Customer 360 Profiles

Reltio Connected Customer 360 puts all the information you need in one place and makes it accessible to users in real-time, in the context of their roles and business objectives.

Business users are frequently asked to produce data and lists for various operations such as segmentation or compliance reporting. Robust Search and Complex Query Support is used to fulfill those requests using a simplified user interface that allows the query components to be stacked in a parallel manner using various parameters like AND, OR to construct a query expression. Business users can now use search more efficiently and get results quickly.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Enhancements to the New Search

Correlated transaction and interaction information enriches customer profiles and provides a true 360 degree profile. Earlier the interactions in a profile were a static list without any search capability. Now business users can quickly find relevant interaction information with Filtering and Sorting capabilities within the Interaction UI. This provides a more accurate view of the customer profile at a specific point in time and reveals conditions to enable more focused and contextual business decisions and conversations.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No Link to Documentation: Interactions Perspective