Reltio Cloud: 2019.3 Release Notes

Release Information

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Reltio Cloud version 2019.3 on Sunday, October 13, 2019.

There are specific features listed that are available in the 2019.3 release under Reltio’s Early Access (EA) program. Customers who are interested to be a part of an EA program should contact their Reltio Customer Success Manager to enquire about availability.

Platform Security, Infrastructure & Data Integration

User Group Support in Single Sign-On

User groups provide a convenient way of assigning the same set of roles to multiple user accounts. In this release we added user group support for Single Sign-On (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC). Similar to roles, SSO accounts can now hold the group names a user belongs to. This allows user group membership to be managed in the customer’s Identity Provider.

To enable user group management simply add the name of the attribute holding the user’s groups to the SSO configuration (via API for now – online configuration will be available post 2019.3). When a user authenticates successfully, all groups listed in the Identity Provider will be added to the user’s account. For more information, see Configuring SSO access to Reltio using OAuth2.0/OIDC.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No

Expanding into Microsoft Azure

We now have direct support for customers on Microsoft Azure, making Reltio easily integratable on all three of the top cloud hosting providers. In particular:
  • Data loader can read input files from Azure Storage
  • Export can write output files to Azure Storage

This greatly simplifies the integration of Reltio with your applications running in Azure. We will continue to build upon this offering in future releases to better support enterprise customers who use Azure as their primary hosting platform, reducing API call latency and potentially simplifying data security policy implementation. For more information, see Store export results.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes (Tenant) Additional Subscription: No

Export Service Enhancements

A number of export version 2 enhancements were released after 2019.2 (and so were not in the release notes for 2019.2). These enhancements greatly simplified integration of your applications with the Reltio export service. Enhancements included:
  • A completion job marker file for applications to poll is created when exports complete
  • A manifest.json file is written containing the final export job status and listing the files to be read, simplifying application code to locate the files
  • All files written use more consistent naming conventions, irrespective of the internal export strategy used
  • All files can now be written as gzip compressed files, irrespective of the internal export strategy used
Availability: GA Post 2019.2 In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes (Tenant) Additional Subscription: No

Core Service Enhancements

Configuration Validation

A new API is available that can be leveraged to validate the business configuration (L3 model) for any syntactical errors. This feature can also be configured to prevent users from posting any invalid business configuration (L3 model) to their tenants.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Preference Setting on Pinned/Ignored Values

We have enhanced survivorship rules to enable setting preferences on pinned/ignored value. The system can be set to pick either pinned or ignored values during survivorship calculation based on the configured preference setting. For more information, see Pinned or Ignored Attributes Merges.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Re-tokenization on the Subset of Data

Re-tokenization on the subset of data is now available. One of the common use cases where this can be very helpful is when you have changed any existing match rule or introduced a new rule which is applicable for only a subset of the data. There is now the ability to run the matching process only on the desired set of records by simply providing the search query for identifying the records on which the re-tokenization should be run. For more information, see Tokenization Using Query Filter.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Data Cleansing

Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) validation for Canadian addresses will be available as a part of location cleansing. Similar to USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification, SERP processing improves the accuracy and speed of deliverability while reducing the quantity of undelivered mails. For more information, see Address Cleansing using SERP.

Please note that SERP (like CASS) requires an additional subscription.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes

Reference Data Management (RDM)

RDM lookup errors can now be searched in MDM UI by default and without configuration. This is available in Advanced Search and provides a more streamlined user experience. For more information, see Working with Advanced Search Filter Options and Editing profiles.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No

And to continue with the improved user experience, RDM lookup errors in MDM will be automatically copied over into unmapped drawer of the RDM UI for an easy drag and drop process to resolve RDM lookup issues.

This saves time and improves the quality and accuracy of resolving unmapped RDM values. For more information, see Resolving RDM Lookup Errors from MDM.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

And lastly, RDM has been enhanced to provide the ability to get to the configured RDM tenant from MDM using the Navigation panel, saving time and effort.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No


Data Modeler

Data Modeler now supports the ability to edit attributes in Entity & Relation, ability to add and edit Sources. For more information, see Managing Sources.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No

Data Loader

Starting a Data Load job with or without LCA is now supported. Initial Data Load, loading data from a special source where LCA processing should be skipped and a number of other scenarios may require disabling the LCA before loading the data. This can now be achieved through a simple toggle switch on the UI in Step 3 of the Data Load wizard. For more information, see Specify record update preference.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No

Export Job UI

We improved the user experience of downloading multiple export output files. You can now select a subset or all output files to download (up to a maximum of 2GB). The export job email notification has been simplified to point to the Export Job UI for downloading of the output files. Links to export output files in the email have been replaced with a single link to Export Job UI where all the output files can be found. For more information, see Download exported files.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No


Reltio Workflows now support partial approval of Data Change Requests, approvers can now select few attributes from a change request and approve them or reject them.

Reltio Inbox, now support searching tasks by their Entity ID or DCR ID, this gives the user a flexibility to directly access the task without search by a more complex filter. For more information, see Workflow Tasks.

Starting this release, the All Tasks tab in Inbox will display closed tasks too. Users will see all closed tasks for the tenants, however they can't view details and changes for entities that they do not have access to. By default, this feature is disabled. Contact Reltio Customer Support to enable it. For more information, see Workflow Tasks.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Machine Learning & Analytics

External Match using ML based matching

In this release, we have made significant improvements to the external match EA application that uses machine learning (ML) models to perform the matching. Users will now be able to upload the external file from their desktop/laptop in addition to the existing options of uploaded files from AWS and GCS. The match report module now also can generate an output file in CSV format. Other visual and usability enhancements have also been added to improve the user experience of the model training and matching flows. For more information, see Match IQ.

Availability: EA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Connectors & DTSS

Reltio SalesForce Connector

A new version of the Reltio Salesforce (SFDC) Connector as a managed package will be published on the Salesforce AppExchange (awaiting final certification approval by Salesforce). This managed package offers bi-directional synchronization and includes Search Before Create.

Customers who have deployed the unmanaged package version are not impacted. Migration to the new managed packaged version if desired, should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The managed package provides benefits of easier upgrades, conflict-free installs, and provides a standardized approach to connectivity.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes

Reltio D&B Connector

The Reltio D&B Connector has been upgraded to support the new D&B Direct+ APIs. These web services are used to stream Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics in real time directly into enterprise applications. A batch interface will be available in a subsequent release.

Customers who have deployed the connector based on the D&B Direct 2.0 APIs are not impacted, and the connector will continue to function without interruption. Use of Direct+ requires obtaining a separate license with Dun & Bradstreet.

Reltio’s ability to support both APIs provides an unparalleled choice for organizations to pick and choose the right offering from Dun & Bradstreet for accurate and consistent real-time data which is comprised of more than 30,000 global sources and updated 5 million times per day.

Also available in this release is a new API which can be used to configure D&B connector tenant and service settings.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes

Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS)

DTSS has new capabilities for entity synchronization. Previously DTSS only allowed a customer tenant profile to be matched with a single data tenant profile to add or enrich additional attributes. Now relationships and additional profiles that are associated with the customer tenant profile can be used within a single enrichment request. This will provide a more comprehensive 360 degree view of the data enabling users to make more informed decisions.

Also available in this release is the ability to execute a partial update for nested and reference attributes via the real time synchronization service that support the enrichment of only chosen attributes. For more information, see Configure Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS).

Availability: GA In Preview: Upon Request Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes


Tabular View for Relationships inside Profile Page

Along with current linear (list view) of all the Relationships for a particular profile, we now support a tabular view for Relationship. This view will allow users to not only search, sort and filter on Relationship but any of the relationship attributes.

This view is currently available only in read only mode. For more information, see Relations View.

Availability: GA In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Hierarchy Comparison Tool

A standalone interface designed for Business users to view the differences between two Entity hierarchies. Users can pick any Hierarchy Type to compare.

Availability: EA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Map View supported for nested Geolocation attributes

We will now support map view on any attributes including nested attributes. If your entity has address as nested attribute with Geolocation values, these entities can be rendered in search result map view and profile map view.

Availability: GA In Preview: Yes Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Performance Improvement for saved searches

We have improved the performance of facet loads in saved searches significantly.

Post Oct 13, 2019.3 Features

Please note that the following features will be delivered post 2019.3 GA. We will provide an update to the date of their release shortly after October 13, 2019.

Reltio Analytics - Google BigQuery Connector and Reporting

We have added support for synchronizing data (entities, interactions, relationships) out of your Reltio tenant and making it available in Google BigQuery in real-time which allows you to create powerful real-time insights.

Two datasets in Google BigQuery will be made available:
  1. Reltio “as is” data - this is your data as is from Reltio
  2. Reltio “materialized” views - this dataset contains consolidated information about entities, relationships and interactions making it easier for you to write your own queries

With this integration, Reltio seamlessly moves data from your main tenant into Google BigQuery.

In addition to views, there will be pre-configured reports on entities, relationships and interactions. These reports will be accessible via Reltio Console or available for ad-hoc query tools on top of Google BigQuery.

You will be able to choose to access the data from Reltio’s Google Cloud Platform account or your own.

Availability: EA Post 2019.3 In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: Yes

Improvements in Auto Generated ID feature

The Auto ID generation module can now generate IDs for nested attributes. The ID generation is configurable using supported generators for nested attributes.

A new API is also available that will allow the auto generated ID value to be queried.

Availability: Post 2019.3 In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Partial Override for Nested Attributes

Reltio load entity data API now supports partial override for nested attributes. With this new feature you will be able to define the key attributes for nested attributes which will be used by the platform to automatically determine if the incoming nested attribute value should be added or updated for the profile.

Availability: Post 2019.3 In Preview: No Configuration: Yes Additional Subscription: No

Data Modeler

Creating and editing match rules is now supported in the Data Modeler.

Users can create new match rule or update the existing ones using the rule configurator UI. This UI Supports both Match Rule types : Suspect and Automatic. Advanced JSON Editor option available for the rules that use objects that are not supported using UI.

Availability: Post 2019.3 In Preview: No Configuration: No Additional Subscription: No

Deprecation of Ciphers

We will deprecate ciphers as recommended by guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for cryptographic standards and protocols. This is to strengthen the security of communication channels between your web browser or application and our services. Required steps are documented in Announcements (published June 2019).

We will remove the deprecated ciphers from the 2019.3 preview environments before the release date, allowing customers to test the changes before they roll to production. Your applications may not need modification if Reltio services can negotiate a supported cipher that the client also supports. In other cases (typically for applications using older libraries) we may reject connections as no common cipher can be found. If this occurs, you must upgrade your security libraries or configuration to make sure at least one supported cipher is available.

The following are supported ciphers and deprecated ciphers for reference.

Table 1. Cipher Details
Supported Ciphers Deprecated Ciphers