Reltio Cloud Release Notes 2018.1
release notes
General Information
We are pleased to announce the 2018.1 release.

We will be releasing 2018.1 on March 4, 2018. Release Notes can also be accessed at our

Reltio Cloud Documentation Portal.
Performance and Stability Improvements
This release includes performance improvements to platform components, including: Export, Matching, Cleanse, and Reference Data Management.

Platform logging is enhanced and Tenant Health Monitoring is enabled in the Reltio Console.
Security and Compliance
To comply with new GDPR regulations, effective May 15, 2018, for businesses in the European Union and those who do business with entities in the EU, the Reltio platform now supports the consumer “right to be forgotten” and offers GDPR audit support. GDPR compliance requires a partnership between Reltio and our customers to use these services. You can fully delete the PII data in Reltio including History and Activity Logs.
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Proximity Matching
Proximity matching rules allows matching of entities based on distance in miles using the orthodromic distance. Using this rule you may identify a business with several facilities in a locality and match them to a single entity.
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Cross Attribute Matching
Sometimes, sources capture an individual’s first and last names in an incorrect order, or use Address Line 2 for City, State, and ZIP. The Cross attribute matching rules enables you to match on a group of attributes that store similar value and overlook minor data issues.
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External Match API
Customers now have the ability to assess the impact of a new source to the Reltio platform by submitting the source via the External match utility. This utility generates a Summary match report offering key insights into the data and survivorship in the Reltio Platform.
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The Export UI in Reltio Console enables Reltio users to export entities and/or relationships from their tenants using a rich set of filters. The Export application in Reltio Console also allows users to track and review the status of ongoing and completed jobs.
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Data Tenant Subscription Service
The Data Tenant Subscription Service is enhanced to provide Attribute level subscription filtering for e.g. certain attributes (simple, nested or reference) of an entity can be imported if the object's country code (simple attribute value) matches certain value (‘FR’, ‘RU, ‘IT’). This is done in the subscription object mapping.
Machine Learning and Analytics
Self-Service Usability
Users can now view and manage their RI usage by monitoring Connector and Event Processing Hours and Storage used per tenant in the Reltio Console. They can also track the number of jobs executed per tenant, and monitor the status of jobs. Additionally, they can define new jobs and order corresponding tasks within jobs by picking from a pre-defined list of common tasks to simplify management of their RI environment.
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Data Import Enhancements
We enhanced our Data Import API to allow for use cases where an interaction may not yet be associated with an MDM entity. We still do all other validations and conformance with the Data Model definition for these transactions. Additionally, if there are duplicate transactions in the load file, we provide an option to identify and flag duplicates which can help with streamlining the load process.
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Monitoring Enhancements
We added a new endpoint to monitor various optimization and maintenance jobs.
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Performance Optimizations
We made a number of performance optimizations including enhancements for loading of data, bi-direction integration with Reltio MDM, delta-detection leveraging Spark, and optimizing Analytics in Reltio Insights.
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Reltio Console
The Reltio Console works across all environments (dev, test, pilot, sandbox, GCP, HIPAA etc.) using a single access URL, i.e. Use the tenant selector option to navigate to the actual tenant (the Tenant Name is now a link). Each application in the console now has an easy way to remember the direct URL.
Data Modeler

New features include:

  • Ability to validate (either errors/warnings) configurations for entities, match rules and relationship
  • Validations can be turned on/off. Thresholds are also customizable
  • Ability to download/import, compare and publish tenant configurations
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Reltio UI Modeler

The UI modeler application has several new features. They are as follows:

  • You can model the profile page in the UI modeler even when the UI profile has some facets that are not yet supported in the UI modeler. All unsupported facets now appear as “unknown"
  • Migrated old UI layouts to the new ones
  • We now retrieve actual views and attribute values from the profile pages in the UI modeler. Previously, we only had hard-coded certain attributes and set of views for every profile page.
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Tenant Management
This release introduces a new Tenant Management application in Reltio Console. With the Tenant Management application, customers can run tasks, view environment and tenant statistic details, and monitor health status of their tenants/services/components.
Reltio Console Tasks Execution
This release includes a UI for the three most common Tenant Management tasks executed by users - Consistency check (between primary and secondary storage), Reindexing Data, and Rebuilding Match Tables. We have also incorporated best practices and guidelines in the UI to help users avoid the most common pitfalls
Consistency check
This task performs background comparison of the primary (Cassandra) and secondary (ElasticSearch) storage to find inconsistencies. If any entities are found in primary storage that are not present in secondary storage, the task is executed to re-index such entities. If any entities are missing from primary but found in secondary storage, this task removes these entities from secondary storage.
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Reindex Data Task

Run this task after a data load and/or if a consistency check reveals any out-of-sync issues.

Note: This task does not rebuild match tables. It is recommended that you also run the Rebuild Match Tables task after running the Reindex Task.

Rebuild Match Tables

Run the Rebuilding match tables task after loading data or changing match rules.

Note: This sequence of tasks is recommended because both tasks result in updated match groups. Rebuilding match tables ensures all the new and changed data is included in matching.

View Environment and Tenant Statistics
Starting with 2018.1 we are delivering key insights about your environments. As seen from the screenshot below, customers will have statistics like total number of entities, tenant health status, a breakdown of entities by entity types and potential matches per entity types.
Health Status
The Health status applications allow you to view any incident notifications relating to your environment and components that have monitoring enabled.
SSO Configuration
Reltio customers can now set-up SAML based SSO for their tenants using the Console UI. This feature also supports end to end testing of their SSO configuration against their corporate Identity provider (IdP)
Reference Data Management
RDM Portal Enhancement
Reltio RDM UI has been enhanced for better stewardship experience, users can now view/edit their translations in the UI and also very easily standardize data in the UI using simple drag and drop features.
Performance and API
Reltio RDM has also been enhanced to support high-volume RDM use cases and hence we are removing the 10k record limit on RDM tenants.
Desktop User Experience
Default Values
As a usability enhancement, users are now able to configure default values for attributes and lookups, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same values for entities. These default values are pre-populated and user may override them if they choose to do so.
Cascading Lookup Values
For dependant list of values (LOV), changes made to any parent are cascaded down to its dependent values. Children values automatically reset if any parents are changed, making it more intuitive for users to know what values need to be re-selected.
Export Activities Log
Users are now able to export a filtered list of activities across tenant to a CSV file. This feature provides the ability to extract activity information from the tenant for use in other tenants or team reporting.
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Saved Public Search Accessible to All User Roles
To improve accessibility and collaboration, any user, regardless of role, can now save searches as public. This means that all users who have access to Reltio Cloud have the ability to save and view public search results. This feature is available for both desktop and mobile clients.
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Support Bulk Operations on Nested Attributes
Bulk Operations have been enhanced to better support nested attributes. For example When the user performs a bulk operation on nested attributes, a new parent will be created for them by default if there is missing parent for selected entity.
Important: Deprecation Notice
Reltio will be deprecating TLS1.1 starting July 1st 2018 for the safety of our customers data and software. Please ensure all the systems making calls to Reltio are TLS1.2 or later before July 1st.

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