Reltio Cloud Release Notes 2017.2

Key features Reltio Cloud 2017.2

  • Multiparent hierarchy display and the ability to dynamically pivot on attributes on the profile.
  • Automatic ID generation for simple, nested, and reference attributes.
  • New configurable options to improve matching functionality.
  • Reltio Inbox for viewing, managing and acting on your governance tasks.
  • Workflow improvements, including invalidation of tasks containing data conflict and the ability to submit DCR with comments.

See below for more details and the complete list of changes and improvements.

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Reltio Environments

Preview environment

Each Preview environment includes new features for this release and is provided for user acceptance testing. Preview environment for release 2017.2 is rolled out as Reltio Cloud 2017.2.RC1.

  • Based on requests for Preview environment placed through May 12, 2017, Reltio Cloud 2017.2.RC1 will be available on May 28, 2017.

If your request for Preview environment was not made before May 12, 2017, please send email to to have your request handled individually in a timely manner.

Production, Development, and Test environments

Reltio Cloud 2017.2 GA is deployed on Development, Test, and Production environments.

  • Rollout of Reltio Cloud 2017.2 is targeted for June 25, 2017. Your Development, Test, and Production tenants will be upgraded at that time.
  • The upgrade window is from June 24, 2017, starting at 8:00 pm (PT), to June 25, 2017, ending at 8:00 am (PT), with no planned downtime.

Data-Driven Applications for Business Teams

Desktop and Mobile UI

Ability to dynamically pivot on attributes [2017.2 Preview]

You can now dynamically explore attributes in line and in context. All of an attribute’s graph connections now appear on its own page. Intelligent recommendations are now available in edit mode.

Multiparent hierarchy view [2017.2 Preview]

Hierarchies with multiple parents can now be displayed visually at any level. When an entity has more than one parent, a visual icon appears. When you click this icon, the other parents in the entity’s tree appear.

Cardinality for simple, nested, and reference attributes [2017.2]

Starting in this release, you can perform validation in the Reltio Cloud UI. Cardinality for simple, nested, and reference attributes is supported, which allows you to configure metadata directly in the UI. Now, min (0 or 1) and max cardinality for simple, nested and reference attributes is supported.

Entity ID search support [2017.1.2, 2017.2]

You can now search for entity IDs by using the Advanced Search feature in Reltio Cloud. All types of searches for the string attribute type are supported, including file-based search.

Entity IDs are now included in search results in the list and table modes.

  • Validation framework supports custom error messages and highlighting : A new validation framework allows you to deploy custom Java code that executes when you save records by using the Reltio Cloud UI. This allows you to customize validation error messages and highlight attributes that have errors.

Enhanced error messages for file-based searches [2017.1.1]

When you search for a file with content or a format that is not supported, a detailed error message now appears.

Enhanced Send Feedback form [2017.1.2]

The Send Feedback form in the Reltio Cloud UI has been improved to allow you to provide more details, so that your suggestions can be more precisely addressed.

Transformational Data Management for IT Teams

Core Platform

Automatic ID generation [2017.2 Preview]

You can now generate a UUID or a sequenced ID for one or more tenants for simple, nested, or reference attributes.

String replacement in matching [2017.2 Preview]

You can now configure an option to set multi-word equivalency for names and addresses. For example, you can configure “GE” to be equivalent to “General Electric”.

Strip diacritical characters in matching [2017.1.0.14]

You can now configure an option to define equivalency for diacritical characters. For example, you can replace “Ô with “A” to match SAO PÃULO and SAO PAULO.

Export improvements [2017.2 Preview]

Export now includes options to write to a specific Amazon S3 location, specify which attributes you want to export, an additional API to track Export progress, and a distributed option to use one more nodes to optimize Export performance.

Address cleansing improvements [2017.2]

Additional options are now available to optimize address re-cleansing. New configuration options allow you to use detailed address verification codes for various business needs.


Option to subscribe to a DT entity only if an attribute value is not empty [2017.1.0.5]

A new configuration option allows you to skip subscribing to entities if specific attribute values are empty. This ensures that no subscriptions are created for entities with null values for specific attributes.

Support for auto-matching one CT to multiple DT entities [2017.1.0.14]

Scenarios where an entity in a customer tenant matches with more than one entity in a data tenant are now supported.

Contract-based subscription threshold [2017.2]

Contracts maintained by data providers can now include limits to the total number of records a customer can consume within their customer tenant. Additionally, behavior can be configured to send notifications when the customer is close to reaching the limit.


Support for SSO integration with Okta [2017.1.0.14]

SSO support for client applications [2017.1.0.14]

Starting in this release, Reltio Cloud supports the Client Secret Key flow to enable authorization for external software and applications that request an access token.

Auditing all calls to the Auth service for compliance [2017.1.RC1]

A new API endpoint allows you to access all the activities on your Authentication server for visibility, compliance and auditing purposes.


New Reltio Inbox [2017.2]

Reltio Workflow customers now have an inbox-style interface in which they can manage their workflow tasks. Data stewards can now view, bulk-reassign, approve, and reject tasks in this new UI.

  • Documentation: Pending

Workflow task validation for data changes [2017.2]

Workflow tasks are now marked as invalidated when there are conflicting underlying data changes.

Workflow task commenting functionality on mobile [2017.2]

DCR submitters can now submit a change request with a comment. Reviewers then have additional data that can help them drive their approval decisions.

Release Considerations

Deprecated APIs and features

This section lists the APIs that have been deprecated in this and previous releases of Reltio Cloud. Generally, support for deprecated functions continues for two more major releases if not stated explicitly.

Deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2017.2

This section contains APIs deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2017.2 and its minor releases.

WorkflowDCRService LCA for auto-triggering workflow process instances [2017.2]

Starting in this release, the WorkflowDCRService LCA is no longer required to automatically trigger workflow process instances. L3 configurations should no longer contain the WorkflowDCRService LCA .

Deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2017.1

This section contains APIs deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2017.1 and its minor releases.

Deleted tenants automatically removed from user access list [2017.1.RC1]

Users will no longer have tenants in their access list which do not exist. When a tenant is deleted, users who have access to this tenant are cleaned up to reflect the right state of access.

Deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2016.3

This section contains APIs deprecated in Reltio Cloud 2016.3 and its minor releases.

End of Java 7 support

Due to security concerns, Reltio Cloud will no longer support use of Java 7.

Effective immediately, all Reltio Cloud customers should update their Java software up to the latest hotfix of version 8. Customers using Reltio LCA solutions, using Java 7 for data load activities, or otherwise consuming the Reltio REST API while using Java 7 should upgrade to Java 8.

Support for use of Java 7 ends on 10/27/2017.

End of Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0 support

Effective 11/28/2016, Reltio Cloud ends support for TLS v1.0.

Effectively immediately, Reltio Cloud supports alternative solutions using TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2.

Support for TLS v1.0 ends 12/10/2016 for all Reltio Cloud customers.

Authentication for /status endpoint

Effective immediately, all requests for the Reltio Cloud /status endpoint require authentication.

Reltio Cloud 2017.2 Preview Release Notes: Reference Data Management

Reltio Cloud 2017.2 Preview Release Notes: Reference Data Management

Documentation: Reference Data Management (RDM)