Suggesting Changes to Lookup Values

As a suggester, you can suggest changes to lookup values through a Data Change Request (DCR).

If you are assigned the suggester role, perform the following steps to suggest changes to lookup values:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio platform credentials.
  2. Click the lookup type for which you want to make changes to lookup values.
  3. For example, you add a new country Spain and change the canonical value from India to IN as shown below.

  4. Click SUGGEST.
    When you click SUGGEST, a new DCR is created. The changes are not committed at this point and visible on the MAPPING page, as shown below.

  5. Click the workflow icon highlighted in the image above. The Workflows panel appears and displays the DCR with your changes:

    A default user is assigned as the approver when the DCR is created. You can change the approver if required. To change the approver, click the Assigned to drop-down and select the relevant name from the list of approvers. You can also change the due date, priority, and add a comment if required, as shown in the image above. When the DCR is created, you receive an email notification as follows:

    An email notification is sent to the approver who can click the link from the email to access the DCR.