Exporting RDM Data

You can export data from RDM to ensure that the exported data can be consumed by other systems or applications.

To ensure RDM mastered data can be used by other systems or applications data, data stewards can export RDM lookup types and reference data in the CSV or JSON file format. This file can then be integrated with the required application. To export data from RDM, perform the following steps:
  1. Log in to the RDM application.

  2. Click Export on the left navigation bar.

  3. Select the lookup types to be exported and click CONTINUE.

  4. Select the properties to export based on your requirement.
    The Audit data property allows you to export the updateBy, updatedDate, and Version information of look types.
  5. Select the file format, CSV or JSON and click EXPORT.
    The job to export the lookup types starts. When the job is complete, an email is sent from which the you can download the file that contains the export results. The email appears as follows:

  6. Click on the DOWNLOAD FILE button to download the file.
    A zip file is downloaded that contains the CSV or JSON file. The following image shows the results exported in a CSV file: