RDM Configuration Changes

You can move the configuration of Reference Data Management (RDM) tenants from the L3 configuration to the physical tenant configuration. Reltio recommends to move the configuration to the physical configuration.

You can configure multiple RDM tenants for a single Master Data Management (MDM) tenant. For some RDM attributes, Reltio platform will provide prepopulated industry specific data that you can use. To configure multiple RDM tenants for your MDM tenant and move configuration from L3 to the physical, contact Reltio Customer Support.
Note: You can configure a maximum of five RDM tenants for a single MDM tenant. As multiple RDM tenants are supported, support for asynchronous transcoding is implemented to resolve lookups from multiple RDM tenants. However, if there is a hierarchy of lookups, then the parent and the child lookups must be in the same RDM tenant. For example, lookup City is a child lookup for the lookup Country. In such cases, both of them must be in the same RDM tenant if you have configured multiple RDM tenants.

RDM Tenant Configuration Change

A validation check is added to the RDM tenant configuration to ensure that the RDM APIs do not create duplicates of lookup types and sources. Therefore, while updating lookup types or sources through the RDM UI, if you encounter a validation error, then use RDM APIs to remove duplicates.