Support for Lazy Load

The Lazy load process is for lookup types that do not have any values.

Before RDM receives statistical data, such as number of lookups per lookup type, number of values per source, and so on, the RDM UI shows the hyphen (-) against each lookup type. For example, for lookup types, Country, Continent, and State, the UI will show - and a lazy load icon.

When the API requests are executed to get data (separate requests for each lookup type), the - is replaced with the actual numbers based on the response. For example, if the response for the State lookup type is received first, then the - for State is replaced first followed by other lookup types. Once data for all lookup types is received, all - are replaced with actual numbers and the lazy load icon is hidden.

When lazy load is in progress, users do not have to wait for the lazy load to complete. Users can continue to work with the RDM UI and perform regular activities, such as adding lookup types, adding lookup values, navigating between different pages, and so on.