Translating Canonical Values

The localization page allows you to store canonical values in any of the supported languages.

When a user clicks on the Localization page, if a lookup type does not have any canonical values, then the user cannot add any language translations. The user must first enter canonical values before entering translated values.

To add translated values, user must click on the "+" column to view the list of supported languages. This list is a fixed list of languages that is mapped to the language code. If values are already translated into one of the supported languages and appear in the table, then that language does not appear in the list. Similar to the mapping page, the localization page also supports inline editing and support for keyboard navigation. For more information, see Managing Mappings for Lookup Types and Support for Keyboard Navigation in the Mapping Page.
Note: The translated values will be propagated to MDM only if a supported localization code is used. For the list of supported localization codes, see Internationalization and Localization.