Managing Mappings for Lookup Types

You can manage lookup type mappings by adding, editing, and deleting mapping entries.

The mapping user interface is enhanced to add values for different sources, edit values, or delete source values.

Adding a Lookup Type

From the Lookup Types page, when you create a new lookup type, you must enter values for two fields, lookup type name and Lookup type code as shown below.

The lookup type code is based on the lookup type name. For example, if Lookup type name = stdcode, then the Lookup type code = STDCODE. This is to eliminate the need to type in a lookup type code. You can override the default code.

You are redirected to the mapping page to allow you to add source values. As this a new lookup type, to add values, click on + CANONICAL VALUE ROW as shown below:

Adding a New Source System

To add a source system, click on the + icon next to the Canonical value column header and select from the list of sources available in the drop-down list as shown below:

Adding a Source Value

For a source system, to add the first value, click on the cell and add the required value. For example, the value cde is entered under the Facebook column as shown below:

In the image above, there are two source systems, Facebook and World Health. The first value you add (either in the Facebook column or the World Health column), will be the default canonical value. The below image shows that the user entered cde in the Facebook column and the same value is the assigned canonical value.

After you save changes, the NEW icon shown in green color disappears. When you add a source value, the source value code is populated automatically. For example, if the source value = cde, the source value code CDE is populated. You can override this prepopulated code.

Editing a Source Value

To edit a source value in any column, click on the desired cell and change the value as required. If the value you click to change is set as as the canonical value, the canonical value is updated with the changes you make. If you click on the More Options icon next to the value, the Edit settings option is available.

If the value you want to edit is different from the canonical value, in addition to Editing settings, two more options appear when you click on the More Options next to the value as follows:

You can choose to set the value as the default canonical value or delete the value. If you choose Set as default canonical value, the canonical value changes from cde to eng as shown below:

After you save changes, the EDITED icon shown in orange color disappears.

When you choose Edit settings, the Edit source value dialog appears:

You can also edit a canonical value. To edit a canonical value, click on the cell with the canonical value. For more information, see Editing a Canonical Value.

Deleting a Source Value

To delete a source value, you can click on the More Options icon and select Delete as shown below.

Note: The values that is set as the canonical value or the default source system value cannot be deleted.

The deleted value is striked-through and appears as follows:

Working with Columns

You can click on the More Options icon of a column to hide the column or insert a column to the left or right:

In addition, you can change the size of columns and change the order of the columns by dragging columns left or right. The minimum column width is 64px. The same behavior is applicable to columns in the LOCALIZATION page.