Hierarchy View for RDM Lookup Types

You can view the relationship between lookup types in a hierarchical structure.

This hierarchical structure allows users to visualize the parent-child relationships of lookup types. Users can use this information to validate the structure of their RDM records as they clearly understand the dependencies between lookup types. The lookup type hierarchy is the calculated view of the dependencies defined in the canonical value.

The look types page now has two views, list view and hierarchical view. By default, the lookup types page opens in the list view.

To switch to hierarchical view, the user can click the Hierarchy button as shown in the following image:

The lookup type that has a hierarchy with dependent lookup types is highlighted in dark blue color as shown below:

You can click on the arrow next to the lookup type to view the dependent lookup types as shown in the following image:

This hierarchy also supports the multiple parents scenario where a lookup type can have multiple parents as shown below:

Note: If you add or delete a dependent lookup type, the hierarchy is refreshed after 10 mins.