Filtering Lookup Types

You can use multiple filter options to restrict the number of lookup types that you want to view.

By default, all lookup types are displayed.
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio platform credentials.
    The Lookup Types page appears. By default, the list view of lookup types is displayed. You can view the relationship between look types in a hierarchical structure. For more information, see Hierarchy View for RDM Lookup Types.

  2. Click the filter icon highlighted in the following image:

    The following image displays all the filter options:

    You can choose to view only the enabled lookup types and lookup types for which Data Change Request (DCR) or unmapped values exist. A green color DCR box beside lookup types indicates that there is an associated DCR. The following image shows lookup types that have unmapped values:

    Note: You can sort a column in the ascending or descending order. In the above image, the lookup types are sorted in the ascending order of unmapped values.