Editing a Lookup Type

You can edit an existing lookup type based on your requirement. For example, you can change the status, start date, end date, and so on.

Perform the following steps to edit a lookup type:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio platform credentials.
    The Lookup Types screen appears.

  2. When you mouse over the lookup type you want to edit, you can see a pencil icon at the end. Click the pencil icon to edit the lookup type.
    The Edit Lookup Type dialog appears:

    By default, the start and end date values are set as Never.

  3. To set a start or end date, click on the respective down-arrow and select Pick Date:

  4. Select the required date.

    The format of the date and time attributes is as follows:
    1) Timestamp (example: "1587093996217")
    2) "YYYY-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ" (e.g. "2017-05-16T22:18:57.237+0500")
    3) "MM/dd/YYYY" (example: "05/16/2017")
    4) "MM.dd.YYYY" (example: "05.16.2017")
    5) "MM-dd-YYYY" (example: "05-16-2017")
    6) "YYYY/MM/dd" (example: "2017/05/16")
    7) "YYYY-MM-dd" (example: "2017-05-16")
    8) "YYYY.MM.dd" (example: "2017.05.16")
    9) "YYYYMMdd" (example: "20170516")
    10) "MM/dd/YYYY HH.mm" (example: "05/16/2017 22.18")
    11) "MM.dd.YYYY HH.mm" (example: "05.16.2017 22.18")
    12) "MM-dd-YYYY HH.mm" (example: "05-16-2017 22.18")
  5. Scroll down to view the other fields that you can edit.

  6. To ensure that the lookup type can be used in a consuming application, enable the Status flag.
  7. To generate canonical codes automatically, enable the Auto generate canonical code flag and select the required generator. If no generator is available, you can create a new generator. For more information, see Working with Generators.
  8. Add custom attributes if required by specifying the attribute name and data type. The above image shows Currency and Population as custom attributes for the Country lookup type.
  9. To hide the attribute in a consuming application, select the Hide flag.
  10. In a consuming application, to ensure that the attribute value is specified only if the canonical value is specified, select the Required flag.
  11. Click DONE.
    Note: To delete the lookup type that you are editing, click DELETE.
  12. Click SAVE.