Editing a Canonical Value

You can edit an existing canonical value and assign a new value as a canonical value.

Perform the following steps to edit a canonical value:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio platform credentials.
    The Lookup Types screen appears.

  2. Click on the lookup type for which you want to edit canonical values. The mapping page appears.
  3. Click on the cell under the Canonical value column that you want to edit.
    The Edit canonical value dialog appears:

    You can change the start date, end date, and status as required. In addition, you can add parent and child canonical values.

  4. To add parent canonical values, click +PARENT.

    By default, the canonical values of all lookup types appear. You can filter based on a lookup type. The following image shows canonical values for the State Province (Address) lookup type:

  5. Select the required canonical values.

  6. Click ADD.
    The selected canonical values are added as parent values.

  7. Similarly, you can add child canonical values.
  8. Click DONE.
    Note: To delete the canonical value that you are editing, click DELETE.
  9. Click SAVE.