Creating a Lookup Type

In addition to the lookup data extracted from the MDM tenant while setting up the RDM tenant, you can create additional lookup types as required.

Perform the following steps to create a lookup type:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio credentials.
    The Lookup Types screen appears.

  2. Click +LOOKUP TYPE on the top left.

  3. Enter a name for the lookup type. The lookup type code is based on the lookup type name. For example, if you enter Lookup type name as stdcode, the Lookup type code is STDCODE by default. This is to eliminate the need for users to type in a lookup type code. However, users can override the default code.
  4. Click DONE.
    You are redirected to the Mapping page where you can specify the canonical values for the new lookup type. For more information, see Managing Mappings for Lookup Types.