Creating a Generator

You can create a generator in RDM to generate values for a lookup type.

Perform the following steps to create generators:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio credentials.
    The RDM home screen appears:

  2. Click Generators on the left navigation.

  3. Click +GENERATOR on the top left.

  4. Enter a name for the generator.
  5. Select a type for the generator. You can select UUID or Sequential. A UUID generator generates universally unique identifier codes for canonical values. A sequential generator generates codes in a sequence. If you select Sequential, you must specify the number or alphanumeric characters of the sequence. For example, if you specify A10 as the starting alphanumeric characters for the sequence, then the first generated code will be A10. The next code will be A11, A12, and so on.
  6. Click DONE.
    The new generator you created appears in the list of available generators.

    Note: If you do not want to add this generator, click DISCARD CHANGES.
  7. Click SAVE.