Case-Insensitive Transcoding

Case-insensitive transcoding ensures that transcoding is successful even if values are stored in different cases.

The lookup values may have upper and lower case words or letters in different source systems. For example, one source system may have the value United States of America and RDM may have united states of america. To ensure that transcoding is successful in this case, case-insensitive transcoding is required.

The RDM Service Configuration API is enhanced to include a new tenant configuration property called caseInsensitiveTranscoding.

Reltio recommends setting this property to true even when your RDM values are used in address cleaning. The address cleansing service used by Reltio automatically changes country names to uppercase after cleansing. In this case, transcoding will fail if RDM does not have uppercase values.

If an existing tenant needs to be migrated to use case-insensitive transcoding, contact Reltio Customer Support.

For more information, see: RDM Service Configuration API.