Approving Changes to Lookup Values

As an approver, you can approve or reject the changes suggested to lookup values.

If you are assigned the approver role, perform the following steps to approve or reject changes to lookup values:
  1. Log in to the Reference Data Management (RDM) application using your Reltio platform credentials.
  2. Click the lookup type for which you want to review DCRs.
  3. Click the workflow icon highlighted in the following image:

    The Workflows panel appears that displays all the DCRs that are created by the different users.

    As an approver, you can also change the approver, due date, priority, and add a comment (if required) as shown in the image above. To view only the changed lookup values that are part of the DCR, click the Show changes icon highlighted in the image above. You can add comments to discuss any lookup value in the DCR. For example, you can add a comment to get clarification from the user who created the DCR. As a result, there can be multiple comments in a DCR. As an approver, if all your queries are addressed, you can then approve the DCR. You can also reject the DCR if required.

    Note: As an approver, you can only approve or reject DCRs that are assigned to you.

    While reviewing the DCRs, if you click Refresh, new DCRs (if any) get added to the list of DCRs to be approved.

    Note: Partial rejection of changes is not supported, which means you cannot reject changes selectively from a DCR. You have to approve or reject the entire DCR.
  4. To approve or reject the DCR, click the Actions option as shown below.

  5. Click Approve or Reject.