Approval Conflicts

As an approver, you might encounter conflicts while approving a Data Change Request (DCR).

As multiple users can edit and suggest updates to lookup values, an approver can encounter a conflict while approving. Conflicts primarily arise when data related to lookup values are changed. For example, a conflict can arise in the following scenario:

There is a lookup value called ABC that has a parent called GHI.

User 1 adds another parent called JKL and clicks SUGGEST.

User 2 adds another parent called XYZ and clicks SUGGEST.

Both users send the DCR to the same approver. If the approver approves the first DCR created by User 1, then the lookup value ABC has two parents, GHI and JKL.

The DCR sent by User 2 shows a conflict because when he suggested, the lookup value had only one parent. However, after the approval of the first DCR, the lookup value has two parents. If an approver attempts to approve a DCR with conflicts, all the conflicting changes are removed before applying the DCR. Therefore, in the example above, the changes from DCR 2 are ignored when the DCR is approved. As a result, the lookup value ABC will have two parents GHI and JKL.

A conflict can also arise if a user changes a lookup value and before the approver approves or rejects the DCR, the lookup code is deleted. The following image shows a conflict because the lookup code is deleted: