User Quota Limits

Quota limits can be defined for each user in Reltio Connected Data Platform.

Table 1. Reltio Connected Data Platform - Users Quota Details
Item Definition Quota Limit Request Quota Increase
Data Governance User (DGU) A DGU is an administrator, developer or data steward with a unique Reltio tenant

20 DGUs are included per Base tenant

Additional DGUs can be subscribed to for an additional fee

Monthly Active User (MAU)

A MAU has a unique account in Reltio Connected Cloud to log in using the Reltio Platform (HUB) or interact with Reltio Connected Cloud embeddable components via third-party apps

None included with Base tenant. Varies by limits stated in License Agreement.

Each day a user logs into the Production tenant, the user is considered a Monthly Active User (“MAU”) for that month.

MAUs can be subscribed to for an additional fee

Table 2. Details of User Capabilities
User Capabilities Data Governance Users Monthly Active Users
Name identified via individual/Login Y Y
Create, Read, Update, Delete, Search, profiles and relationships Y Y
Collaborate with other users Y Y
Use of defined workflow processes Y Y
Develop/Configure Reltio Platform Y  
Administer/manage users and roles Y  
Perform match/merge tasks Y  
Workflow design and management Y  
Number of daily log-ins per month Unlimited Unlimited