Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is a capability to ensure optimal allocation and consumption of resources.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is built on a distributed and fault-tolerant architecture on public cloud infrastructure. It offers high availability for mission-critical data management applications. To ensure high availability, Reltio relies on the optimal allocation of resources based on customer needs (number of consolidated profiles, API calls, and users) and proactive monitoring of resource consumption. To enhance Reltio Connected Data Platform's resilience, it is also critical to detect and identify processes that cause excessive consumption of computing resources.

Therefore, we enhanced our proactive monitoring and altering capabilities to notify you of such situations to ensure optimal performance and high availability for all Reltio customers. You receive automated warnings when your tenant processes consume higher than normal resources based on the benchmarks Reltio has established. Such processes are governed to ensure they do not interfere with other regular processes or negatively impact the user experience. When this occurs, Reltio will notify you and work with you to analyze your operations and suggest optimizations to correct the issue.

Once Reltio’s proactive monitoring has identified processes of this nature, you receive an alert. You can review Reltio’s configuration and implementation best practices provided in our documentation and optimize your tenant configurations or integrations to operate within the thresholds and avoid disruptions. Contact Reltio’s customer support team if you need further assistance.

Note: You can only monitor resource consumption using the API calls mentioned here.

Alerting Mechanism

The following alerting mechanism is followed when a quota limit is reached:

  • You receive an email alert when the tenant reaches or exceeds 75% of the quota.
  • You receive an hourly email after you exceed 75% or 100% of the quota.
  • Reltio doesn't send email alerts once the usage drops below 75%, or the tenant has more than 25% of the allocated quota left.

Credit balance API

Credit Balance API enables you to understand the current usage of quotas. You can also use this API to check and control your available utilization of quotas. You receive an alert notification email from Reltio when your credit balance is lower than 25% of the quota.

For more information, see Computing Credits.

Heavy Operations API

After you receive the email from Reltio, you can run the heavy operations API to identify the operations that cause the quota to exceed. For more information, see Get Heavy Operations and Get Heavy Operations Summary.