Working with the Attribute Facets

The attribute facets in the profile view display details about the entity.

This area displays the main attributes of the profile, which are displayed in various facets. Right at the top is the profile banner, which displays the entity name, entity ID, and entity type. This profile banner is dynamic, which basically means that the size of the banner automatically adjusts in size based on the information in the banner. This ensures the critical facets in your profile get more space.

You can also view entity details in various facets (which are configured in the UI Modeler). For example, the Attributes facet display the basic attributes of the entity such as the name and address details.

The Hierarchy facet displays your organization’s structure and its child entities and how they are related to each other.

The organizational structure, in which there are successive branchings and subdivisions, helps to understand the affiliations between organizations.

For more detailed information about the various facets that can be configured for a profile, see UI Modeler.

More about attribute and their values

You can use the Profile perspective to edit attribute values here. A blue icon next to an attribute value indicates that the value has additional values associated with it. You can hover over the blue icon to view these additional values. These multiple values are consolidated into the profile over a period of time, through the process of merging. The main value displayed here is the Operational Value(OV), which is determined by the survivorship rules.

Nested attributes have an arrow next to it, which when expanded will display the related sub-attributes.

Reference attribute is displayed as a link. When you click this link, the referenced location entity is displayed.

Boolean attributes are used to create true or false statements and contain Yes/No or True/False values. The value of a boolean attribute can be Yes or No at the attribute level, but at the nested attribute level, the value of a boolean attribute can be True or False.