Displaying Nested Attributes in a Table View

You can display the details of nested attributes as a table.

In the Profiles view, nested attributes are presented as a table. This makes it easy to visualize and compare complex data. You can customize the table in the following ways.

  • Add or remove fields in the table,
  • Filter records in the table,
  • Resize the columns,
  • Sort the rows,

Add or Remove Rows

The header of the table has a gear widget on its right side.

  1. Press down on the gear widget until the scrollable list of fields appears.

    Do either of the following:

    • Add a Field: Click to the left of a field name to add a checkmark to the left of the field.

    The check marked fields are shown as columns in the table.

    • Remove a field: Click an existing checkmark.

Filter on one or more Fields

  1. Click the funnel icon in the header .

    An entry area appears below each field.

  2. Place the insertion point in a field's entry area.

    Two blank areas appear below the field's name.

    The first area is a drop-down list of comparison operators. "Equals" is selected.

  3. If that is your choice, enter the criterion value to its right.

    The following image shows how to filter on this field.

  4. If it isn't your choice, hold down the mouse to reveal the choices of comparison operators.

  5. Choose the desired comparison operator from the drop-down, enter a value into the criterion area, and press Enter.

Filter on any Field that "starts with" any String

To filter on any field that "starts with" a string:
  1. Click the Magnifying Glass icon .

    An entry area appears above the columns.

  2. Enter the criterion string.

    For example, this expression searches for records in which a field starts with "main".

Resizing Columns

The table header uses column dividers to separate fields.
  1. Hover over a divider until the pointer changes to a column divider pointer .
  2. Drag it to the left or right.

    This illustration shows the resizing between the ID and OPSI fields.


Sorting Columns

The header also has sort direction widgets for each field in the header.
  1. Hover over the sort field's name until the sort direction widget appears.

  2. Click the sort arrow to sort in that direction.