Configure profile clone functionality in your tenant

Learn how to configure profile clone functionality in the UI Modeler.

If you’re an administrator who is in charge of configuring entities, then this topic is for you. Before you can clone a profile, you need to turn on the Clone functionality in the entities configuration JSON file in UI Modeler. You configure the entity types and relationships that will be copied for all profiles during the cloning process.

To add profile cloning functionality to your tenant:

  1. From the Reltio Console, select UI Modeler.
  2. In the UI Modeler page, from the left navigation pane, select Import/export UI config files.
  3. From the list of configuration files available in your tenant, select the entity's configuration file.
  4. Select Export. The JSON file is exported to your local system. For more information, see topic Exporting UI Configuration Files.

  5. In your operating system file explorer, navigate to the entity's configuration file and open it in a JSON editor.
  6. Go to the Profileband section and add the details you want to copy while cloning a profile.
    1. Specify the entity types that must be copied into the cloned profile. For example, "entityTypeUris": [ "configuration/entityTypes/Contact", which will copy details of the Entity type Contact.
    2. Add the attributeReplacementMapping section and specify each attribute you want to copy when you clone a profile, in the following format: "attribute/attributename":"value", where the attributename is the name of a specific attribute such as FirstName or Age. The value is the specific content to include.
      Note: If the role and/or group the user is assigned to has the Create permission for the entity type but not for some of the attributes, then set these attributes to null here to avoid any errors during cloning.
    3. Specify the relationship types you want to copy when you clone a profile. For example, "relationshipTypesToCopy": ["*"]. The following options can be used to copy relationships:
      • [*] - copy all relationship types
      • [] - copy no relationship types
      • [uri1, uri2] = copy the specified relationship types
    4. Save and close the file. Refer to the example after the procedure for more details.
  7. Back in the UI Modeler, in the Import/export UI config files page, select the entity's configuration file and then select Import and replace. For more information, see topic Importing UI Configuration Files.

    You’ve now configured the Clone feature in your tenant. To learn how to clone a profile, see topic Clone a profile.


We want to clone a profile so that the FirstName attribute value is prefixed with Copy of, the Age attribute is set to null, and all relationship types are copied. In Step 5 in the above procedure, edit the entities configuration file, search and navigate to the Profileband section, and add the following details:

"id": "com.reltio.plugins.entity.ProfileBand",
                "cloneAction": [
                "entityTypeUris": [
                "attributeReplacementMapping": {
                "attributes/FirstName": "Copy of {value}",
                "attributes/Age": null
                "relationshipTypesToCopy": ["*"]