Select a graph type

Learn about the different graph types and how to view these in the Graph perspective.

The graph type drop-down in the graph perspective enables you to change the graph type. You can configure different graph types for each entity type for your tenant. Once configured, you can select the different graph types in the Graph perspective view. For more information, see topic Get started with the Graph perspective.

The available chart type options depend on the entity type of the selected profile. For example, you cannot view a family graph for companies/organizations. Similarly, you cannot view a company hierarchy graphic for individuals.

To select a graph type:

  1. Open the Graph perspective.
  2. From the Graph type dropdown, select one of the following:
    • All: Displays all the relationships for the selected entity. This graph will display all configured graph types for an entity.

    • Family: Displays the connections that are defined as family, brother, sister, and so on.

    • Company hierarchy: Displays the organizational hierarchy of the entity.

      The graph displays relationship details based on the selected graph type.