Add a relationship in the Graph perspective

Learn how to add a new relationship for your entity from the Graph perspective.

The Graph perspective enables you to view the relationship between entities, for the selected entity. Each node is an entity and are connected by connector lines. For more information, see Get started with the Graph perspective.

Since a graph is a visualization tool, you can easily identify missing relationships and you can add these relationships in the same page. This is a very useful feature as it not only helps you to figure out missing information but also saves time by allowing you to add the new information immediately.

To add a relationship for an entity in the Graph perspective:

  1. In the Hub, select your profile and then select Profile > Graph. The Graph Perspective is displayed.
  2. In the right pane, click Relationship. The Relationship details are displayed as a list on your right pane.
  3. Click +Add Relationship. The Add Relationship dialog box appears.
    Note: This option will be disabled if you do not have the required permissions.


  4. From the Select relationship type drop down, select the type of relationship that must be added for the entity.
  5. From the Select profile, select the profile that must be added as a relation to the entity.
  6. Click +MORE ATTRIBUTES. The More attributes dialog box appears.
  7. Select the attributes that you want to specify for the selected profile.


  8. Click outside the dialog box and you are taken back to the Add relationship dialog box where the attributes you selected are also available.
  9. Specify the details for the attributes. In this instance, you must select the start and end dates, the type of relationship, and the status of the relationship.


  10. Click ADD.

    Take a look at the relationship list displayed on the right pane. It will list the newly added relationship. Observe your graph perspective carefully and you will see that the newly added relationship is available there too.