Sources Legend

The Legend tab in the Sources perspective enables you to view the source information for attribute values.

Source information in the Legend tab is displayed in the following views:

  • Crosswalk
  • Source
  • Contributor


The Crosswalk view displays the different crosswalks associated with the values. For more information, see Crosswalks. Each crosswalk is color-coded with different colors and are displayed as vertical colored bands. These bands are displayed in the order of newest to oldest, from left to right. You can hover over individual crosswalks associated with the contributor entity, and understand the attribute values associated with the crosswalk.

At the bottom of the Legend tab, a list of crosswalks contributors are also displayed. You can expand a source name to view more details.

You can also add new crosswalks, and unmerge entities from their sources. For more information, see Adding a Crosswalk and Unmerging Sources.


The Source view displays the crosswalks based on the source system to which they belong. This mode also displays the different crosswalks associated with the attribute values but they are color-coded based on their source system. As opposed to the Crosswalk view where each crosswalk has a different color, this mode color codes crosswalks based on their source system. If one or more crosswalks have the same source system, they are displayed in one color.


The Contributor View displays the contributors for an entity. A Contributor represents a group of crosswalks that were individual entities at one point, but were merged. You have the option of unmerging these entities here. In this view, each contributor is highlighted. When you hover over a contributor, you can see the values associated with it. In case you are planning to unmerge the contributor, hovering over a contributor will give you an insight into the values that will be unmerged from the current entity. When the contributor is unmerged, a new entity is created with the values that are unmerged. The Entity ID of the newly formed entity will be the same as the original entity, before it was merged. For more information, see Unmerging Sources.

Source Details

Reltio Platform displays source details for each crosswalk contributor. The arrow adjacent to the source name displays source details when clicked.

The Source System Name, ID Value, Create Date, and Publish Date are displayed. You can also add the Delete Date attribute by clicking ADD ATTRIBUTES and selecting Delete Date.

You can specify a delete date for the crosswalk by clicking the Calendar and selecting the date.

Note: If the End Date of a crosswalk is earlier than the current date, the Crosswalk is considered end-dated and is displayed in a different color. You cannot delete this crosswalk. You also cannot edit, pin, ignore, or delete the attribute values belonging to the crosswalk.