Searching, Filtering and Sorting your Facets

Reltio allows you to sort, search and filter information displayed in the various facets in your Profile view.

  1. In your Profile view, click the required facet.
  2. Click the Sort icon that is available at the top of the facet. The Sort bydialog box is displayed.
  3. From the drop down, select the option to sort the facet details. You can choose to sort on the Relationship type label or the Entity label.
  4. Click the Up arrow next to the field to sort the details in the ascending order. Click on it again to sort it in the descending order (the down arrow is displayed).
  5. Click the Search icon at the top of the facet. Usually, the search icon is displayed if the attribute facet is based on one attribute type (for example, country, address, and so on).
  6. Enter the search criteria. Details in the facet are filtered and displayed based on the search criteria.
  7. Click the Filter icon available at the top of the facet.
  8. Select the Show Inactive Relationships checkbox to include the inactive relationships in the facet.