Profile View

The Profile view consists of a sidebar menu, a main area displaying attributes and relationships, and a tab menu.

Profile View in Common Mode

You can navigate Profiles by using the search results navigation at the top of the Profile view.

Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu enables you to access various Profile perspectives. Reltio Cloud includes the main Profile perspective, Potential Matches Perspective, Sources Perspective, and Activity Log by default. Depending upon your tenant configuration, you may see more Profile perspectives such as Graph Perspective, Interactions Perspective, and Relationships Perspective. You can hover over the perspective icon to see the name of the perspective. The Profile perspective is displayed by default.

Profile Facet

The profile facet displays the attributes and (optionally) relationships associated with the entity.

Delete profile

Deleting a profile works in the same way in both the Common mode and the Read/Edit modes. For details see Deleting a Profile.