Accessing Different Perspectives

The various perspectives in the Profile view provide you more details about the entity.

From the left navigation pane, you can navigate to the following perspectives and view more information about the entity:

  • Relationships - The Relationship perspective allows you to view the relationship details of an entity with other entities. For more information, see Relationships Perspective.
  • Graph - The Graph perspective provides graph views for the entity, showing all of the objects related to the entity. For more information, see Graph perspective.
  • Potential Matches - The Potential Matches perspective allows you to search for profiles that are a potential match and merge them. For more information, see Potential Matches Perspective.
  • Sources - The Sources perspective helps you to manage the data sources in your profile. For more information, see Sources Perspective.
  • Activity Log - The Activity Log perspective displays details of the various user activities across the tenant. For more information, see Activity Log.