Personalizing your Profile View

Your Profile view displays details based on your configuration in UI Modeler. But you can further personalize it as per your requirements.

For example, for certain entity types, you might want to have a certain facet right at the top, instead of keeping it at the bottom of the profile view.

To personalize your profile view:

  1. Search for an entity and go to the Profile view. The main Profile view is displayed with various facets containing information about the entity.
  2. Move a facet by positioning the cursor at the top of the facet (a plus icon is displayed as shown below) and dragging and dropping it to the desired position.
  3. Resize a facet by positioning your cursor on the right bottom corner of the facet (as shown below) and dragging it to the required size.
  4. Make the required changes. These changes are saved and the next time you log in, the Profile view is displayed with the new changes.