Location Cleanse

The Cleanse function in Reltio attempts to clean up address values in case of irregularities.

By default, Reltio Platform provides a cleanse function for location entities (the default country is USA). Reltio platform will attempt to clean up address values by providing standardization, completion of missing data, geolocation, and address verification codes and meanings. Cleansed location data includes the following additional properties:

  • GeoLocation, displayed as latitude and longitude values
  • Verification status, as verified, partially verified, ambiguously verified, and unable to verify
  • Verification details, showing the details for the cleanse actions
  • AVC, the address verification code

Reltio platform automatically runs address cleansing for updated address values and returns verification status and codes. Values for "Address Line 1", "Address Line 2", "City", "State", "Country" and other attributes are only returned for verified addresses. You can also click Cleanse to manually cleanse values.