Viewing History

The History tab enables you to view an audit of changes made to the profile.

This tab shows a timeline of the Profile and events associated with each change to the Profile. For example, changes to attribute values or potential matches that were merged and unmerged.

The timeline may include other profiles that were merged or unmerged to create the current Profile. Clicking on one of the historic timeline slices updates the Profile view with changes associated with that slice. The highlighted timeline slice displays the kind of changes (for example, a Manual or Automatic merge) and details such as match rules associated with the change.

Reltio Platform color codes all visible changes to the Profile that occurred for that slice. Updates are displayed in green and deletes in red.

You can compare a historic slice to another slice by selecting a compare view from the drop-down list on the selected slice. You can compare the slice with the current view or with the previous slice. Reltio platform displays the changes in the Profile view as colored highlights and displays deleted data with strike-through text.

The timeline stream displays each Profile as a separate line until a Profile merge event. Unmerge events will again display the Profile streams as separate lines after the unmerge event.

Each dot in the steam represents an update for each source for the Profile data. Hover over the dot to display the source name. The value Reltio displays for any sources that were manually entered using the Reltio Platform, while other sources display the names of the data sources (such as a Data Tenant source). Merged timelines display all source names.