Find potential matches manually for a Profile

Learn how to find a matching profile manually for your entity.

The Find Matches tab enables you to query for potential match records. This tab displays a list of profiles that weren’t matched as a potential match based on match rules. You can filter and select the profiles that you feel are a good match.

To find potential matches manually:

  1. Open the Potential Matches perspective. For more information, see topic Get started with the Potential Matches perspective.
  2. In the right navigation pane, select the Find Matches tab. You’ll see a list of profiles.
  3. From the Source field, select a data tenant source. You’ll see a list of profiles belonging to the specified source.
    Note: The customer tenant is selected by default. You can select any data tenant that is configured.
  4. In the Search field, enter the criteria to search for a profile.
  5. Select Enter. You’ll see a list of profiles based on the specified criteria.
  6. Select the X button in the Enter field to clear the search criteria.
  7. Select the Filter button.
  8. In the Filter dialog box, select the Attribute, specify the operator and enter or select the attribute value.
    Note: In a dropdown list, you’ll see a limited set of values for certain attributes. You can select the LOAD MORE button to view more values.
    1. Select + to add a new filter. A new row is added, where you can specify more filter conditions.
    2. Select Copy to copy the same filter as a separate row.
    3. Select X to delete the filter.
    4. Select Apply. Based on the filter, you’ll see a list of profiles in the Find Matches tab.
      Note: You can also filter profiles based on reference attributes. For example, to filter profiles that have more than one address, you can choose the Address attribute, select the Count greater operator and enter 1 in the last field. This displays only those profiles that have more than one address.
  9. Select the profiles that you think are a potential match for your main entity. You can select a maximum of four profiles only. If you want to view more than four profiles at a time, switch to the table view.
  10. Close the tab. The selected profiles are displayed as separate columns, alongside the main entity details.

The profiles are displayed as columns side by side so that it’s easier for you to compare the records. The attributes that are similar to both the profiles are highlighted. You can now merge these profiles or mark them as not a match. For more details, see topic Merge potential matches.