Finding Potential Matches

You can find profiles that are a potential match manually.

The Find Matches tab allows you to query data sources for potential match records.

To manually find matches for a profile:

  1. In the Potential Matches perspective, click the Find Matches tab. You can view a list of entities with their corresponding attributes.

  2. This table only lists the active entities. To include the inactive entities in this table, select Include entities that have ended from the More Options menu.
  3. Click the Filter option to enable filters for all the attributes in the table.
  4. Click the arrow in the attribute that you want to filter. You can see a list of advanced search filter options.

  5. Select the filter option and specify the filter criteria. Based on the filter option specified, you can see a list of entities in the table.
  6. Select a profile that you think is a potential match and click Mark for Match (). This entity is now a potential match for the profile and can be viewed in the Potential Matches tab.
    Note: You can also view a comparison of two entities by selecting the entities and clicking the Comparison View option. You can select multiple entities and mark them for match.